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Now we are seeing our HIVE token gaining in value, we can sit back and relax. However, in such sit back and relax mode, we may get a bit bored. To prevent this from happening, we need 'something'. I think we don't have to embark on a large hunt to define what that 'something' is.

Logically: MUSIC

While we are listening to music, why not spend a little effort and time to write about/around music? And when we do so, why not spend a little extra time to listen to music posted by others? Maybe you'll discover some new music and artists? Adding just a little bit extra time, why not react to what you are listening to?

photo shot at Vondelpark in Amsterdam

To support you in the above activities, we've created this post: "Challenge Not Challenge: Spread the Vibes".

You don't have to do much. Just pick a song, write something and invite one or more users to react to your music share. To add a little extra to connect all of us a little more, let's add our reaction to the song shared with us as well. I like it when the song we select to share is from a genre that is liked by those we invite. In case you don't know the musical taste of those you'll invite, you may check their blog, or search their blog with 'HiveSearcher'.

When using the command: music author:<user with @ sign> you'll get a list of all posts and comments containing the word 'music' posted by the user you've selected.

Tip: Write something with a personal touch. This can be anything: from your thoughts and opinions of the music you share and react to, to any story you like to share with the music.
Music share without a personal touch is just music that we can find anywhere on the internet. Cool in itself: But won’t we appreciate music more when something personal is added?

"Spread the Vibes" Guidelines

To give a little direction to how we "Spread to Vibes", a few guidelines below.

  • Post Content
    • your reaction to the music that was shared with you
    • your music selection and related story
    • your invites of other HIVE members
    • link to the post you react to
  • Post Tags
  • Post Community
    • any community you like

Not all of us receive notifications from our favourite blogging applications. Therefore you may consider the following:

  • Drop a link to your post to those you invite
    • through a comment to a recent post of those you invite
    • through a direct message (PeakD), Discord, Telegram or whatever channel

As we would like to see not only many post chains forming but also to get a little more connected, consider the following:

  • Drop a reaction in the comment section of the post that got you invited
    • include a link to your post

Rewards: Lame

Usually, a challenge is packaged with some monetary incentive. But, isn't that boring? And isn't monetising positive vibes not lame? Passion, energy and community vibes: That's what counts!

So you know: Though we can't guarantee some curator team selecting your post for a boost, we also can't guarantee this will not happen πŸ˜‰

My Music Selection

About a week or two ago, in chilling mode on my lounge couch, the TV switched on, playing around with my 'Appics' app, my attention was grabbed the moment Annelie started playing the piano. She had an appearance in some nonsense TV talk show. Never heard anything of her. A newcomer. Releasing her compositions for the last few years. Seemingly a hit on Spotify with more than 1M streams for a single song. Covid serves her well πŸ™ƒ

Her most recent recording, the '17' track, is way too short: Just over 2 minutes. Fortunately, Annelie created more music. A few hours in total. I listened to all of them a few times by now. From the 15+ tracks (17 to be exact) she released, '17' is still my favourite. Though I do love 'Snow' as well. And 'Restrictus', a collaboration with Mario Batkovic, is nothing less than beautiful. Not sure if in classical music genre the term 'minimal' is used in classifications thereof, but I would say, Annelie creates and plays minimal classical music. Love it!

But, it's not all hunky-dory. When listening to all her tracks in one go, mister boring showed its face from time to time. The variation in all her work is almost not existing. I know, I know: Those who know me, know I'm a huge fan of some minimal styles in the Techno genre very much. Styles that may sound boring as well, since variation in these styles of music is not that obvious. The difference though, in these Techno styles all sort of subtly effects are used, giving the dynamic character I so much seek in minimal styles of music.

Interestingly, Annelie has a special way of recording her songs. In all her recordings, additional sounds can be heard. I assume these are the foot paddles. But what do I know, I'm not at all a piano specialist. Somehow I do like these additional sounds in a recording. Makes it more organic. These sounds give me the impression she is playing live. When I sit in front of my HiFi speakers with my eyes closed, it's almost like she is sitting and playing in front of me. A wonderful sensation!

artist: Annelie | song: 17

From an early age, I was exposed to piano music. Not that we had a piano at home, but my parents had several vinyl records of this french pianist 'Richard Clayderman'. Owww boy! How often they played these!

Richard was ok, but after hearing this guy so often, I lost complete interest. I suppose his music was too popular for my ears. Whenever my thoughts go back to those days, I sometimes wonder why I never tried to pick up playing the piano myself. Though not in love with mister Claydermann, I very much was in love with the sound of the piano. My dad learned to play when he was a teenager, so I may have some musical skills. In my high school years, I tried to play some simple tunes a few times. But even with the fact I had more or less unlimited access to a piano at school, I never seemed to have the wish to master the black and white keys. I suppose, I liked books and creating stories more.

Quite a few years ago, I discovered "Canto Ostinato" and I fell completely in love with this piece. I do play several recordings more than just a few times. Sometimes when I want to be pulled into the waves of sounds, to be one with music, it is Canto Ostinato that my HiFi system has to deal with, whether it likes it or not πŸ™ƒ

Did I invoke your curiosity? In my early days with HIVE, I wrote a little post (source) about Canto which includes some of my favourite listenings.

Even the discovery of Canto didn't get me into playing the keys myself. Maybe I'm too old to learn πŸ™ƒ When I'll start learning to play, I know, I want to become quite well. Surely, I'll not have the drive to become some professional, but I know I'll not like it when I can't become a good amateur player. I'm not sure if I can reach this level. But I must admit, in recent years, I'm contemplated from time to time to take action. Since recent my upstairs neighbours got themselves a piano. Maybe I shall try their keys?

playlist containing all released tracks by Annelie (Spotify playlist link)

My Invitees

All my invitees or not just music fans: They are music lovers!

  • @mipiano: as the name suggests, a piano player at heart
  • @junkfeathers: the acoustic guitar is what he plays
  • @themagus: running a series of top 100 best selling albums of decades ago

Am curious what they have to say about my music selection as I'm curious what they will share with us.

Let us Spread the Vibes

with Special Thanks to @mipiano
she acted as my soundboard, helped to tune this 'challenge not challenge' and came up with the 'Spread the Vibes' title and tag

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