Canto Osinato by Simeon ten Holst - The Classical Prelude to the Electronic (Dance) Music of Today (music and more inside)

Today I share with you Canto Ostinato, although a classical composition, this minimalistic piece has all the elements that forms the foundation of the todays electronic dance music from House, Trance to Techno. Canto Ostinato was composed by Simeon ten Holt in 1976, just before the modern electronic dance music started (eg Techno started around 1984 in Detroit; House around 1976 in Chicago).

Canto Ostinato is quite unique in the way it is written with an enormous freedom how it can be played; Whether it is with 1, 2 or 4 pianos, all is possible and intended by the composer. Every year we have various performances in the Netherlands at unique locations where the guest are either sitting in a lounge chair, or laying down completely. That is the best way to enjoy the music. To let go of everything but the flow the music brings your mind into.

  • Composer: Simeon ten Holt
  • Composition: Canto Ostinato
  • Style: Minimal Classical
  • Year: 1976 (composed)

Many different recordings can be found on the Internet; The two I really like, I've included below:

  1. recording with two pianos and two marimbas
  2. recording with four pianos

Lie Down at Your Couch and Hit the Play button

Performance with 2 Painos and 2 Marimbas (2015)

Performance with 4 Pianos - aired on Dutch Public Television (2011)
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