One cannot touch the glow. My Actifit Report Card: May 19 2023

Perhaps the lizard's tail is not the best cover photo. Especially if you can't tell what exactly is in this photo. It's almost unrealistic to see. What's important is the feelings that were present when I took this photo.

The lizard was hiding and I was afraid.

I don't like these scaly ones that remind me of snakes. I don't understand them, I can't predict them. Fear of the unknown is worse than any other kind of fear, unless one is in constant acceptance. It's hard to accept the gaze from the abyss or the gaze of the abyss itself.

The result is a bad picture in which the abyss is on both sides.

I am in the lizard's eyes, as scary a giant with unclear intentions, as it is in my eyes. A treacherous mammal that will pop out from under a rock and bite my finger off... 😜

So I decided to finish with flowers near the house, which grow from nothing, essentially. Always wondered about this property of nature to rebirth and create new species. Breaking through the asphalt if necessary and adapting to all conditions. Creating all the time. Carrying beauty.

What looks fragile can have tremendous strength and potential over the long haul.

And vice versa. It doesn't matter that the trials are now coming down every day. In the end, the beauty at the end of this journey can exceed all expectations.

And it's not about outward manifestations. One cannot touch the glow from within with one's fingers...

Hive savings report

I will continue to play the game in the numbers of my achievements on Hive. Below is a table of my daily accumulation of Hive, HP, and layer 2 tokens:

Hive Savings 17.05.2023.png

Hive Savings 18.05.2023.png

Constant small increases can be tedious. When the cents come in very slowly. It can seem like forever is not enough for this bed to become enough to produce value, helping those around you.

Wrong opinion, especially in Hive. Already, the curatorial voice is worth a lot more than it may seem. In a few years, every cent will be a dollar.

It's a compounding interest in Hive.

For now ⬇️

Savings today is $1226.

Hive On! Hive Five! Stay ALIVE!

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