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As we always heard, experience is the best teacher, the lies a story of Odumodu village in Jakaata kingdom that once you visited Odumodu village that you will be sacrifice to a lion that always carries a snake on his back.

Therefore, It was on a Saturday morning, I was bored and i decided to pay a visit to Jakaata Kingdom in Odumodu village.

Odumodu village is noted as the home of signs and wonders, were all the forbidden things on Earth are being carried out and recognize as customs and traditions.

Now, on my way to Odumodu, I leftt my residence by 9:45am and I arrived in Odumudo community by 12 noon, i was hungry and tasty as it's forbidden to travel to the city of signs and wonders with water and food, I traveled without it as their customs demanded, as hungry as I was, behold I saw an eatery by the road side and this restaurant was the only one operating near that area, Odumudo village is not all that develop and they don't have good roads and relaxation centres but they are known as the home of signs and wonders.

I was served a traditional meal made of Edikang ikong (vegetables soup), after i might finish eating I offer the Worth of the meals (money) to the woman who is in charge of the restaurants and she replied, no my dear today is your first day, I will not take the money, I was dumbfounded and I ask her, but you just served me a meal, which I've just finished eating, she replied, you are not from here ain't you? I replied Yes, and she said, here in this kingdom Lions and snake will first of all welcome you before we do, I was surprised when I hear her mentioned another dangerous specie that would join to welcome me.

There is this old analog clock they used, without connecting it, they don't bother if it's working perfectly and when I ask her what is the time now she replied time and distance are the same. I asked the meaning of what she said, to my greatest surprised that was an adage which simple means "what is my reason for coming to Odumudo community"?. I could not take it anymore I just have to go somewhere else.

Immediately i left there, you know what happeneed to me? my wrist watch was not working anymore, my phone got scrap and could not make calls, my vehicle could only start but unable to move, the steering becomes stiff, It seems more like i was In another world, moving, talking but could not get the response I deserved.

I saw a young man and I asked him where to see a hotel, he pointed and keep pointed to one direction behold that was the Lion den, he left quickly without hesitation and walk like a magic man without looking back anymore.

I was afraid at first but as times goes on i made up my mind that no matter what happens, I will take it, as no one could offer me shelter and they barely listen to what I have to say, I look at the sky it was high and I look at myself and there was nothing on me, I felt regrets for traveling to the city of signs and wonders and at the same time something told me that, everything on Earth has it own reasons, don't be afraid for you may not know the reason why you are here" .

This message was more like a voice to me, as if someone somewhere is encouraging me to be courageous.

Then it was 5:36pm and the road was empty people were not passing anymore, everywhere became silent and I was left with no Choice, I had to lay my matrass on the ground beside a big and mighty bush and sleep, by this time i was not afraid anymore, i pray and i slept, that the good Lord should come and protect me, around 11:23pm I hear people walking towards me speaking different languages some I couldn't understand but was able to comprehend some of it, behold I was afraid by this time as I thought no one would come or pass again by this time of the night.

when they saw me lying down helplessly the rush and come to me, started asking me questions, I was so happy to see people that behave normal in Odumodu village, I replied to them that i came to Odumodu not long ago but no one could offer me shelter, they asked if I will join them to their house and i quickly replied "Yes" as cold as I was, the weather is nothing to compare home about, as I Join them to their home since they asked me to come with them that they are taking me to their home.

But what I didn't know was that the people taking me are the guardian of the Lion and Snake of Jakaata Kingdom, when we got home, I was offer good cook meals, more than one meal was given to me, I replied to them that I don't eat a lot beside that I've eaten Edikang ikong "vegetables soup" and garri in the afternoon, before I could realize a white towel was brought with soap and bucket I was asked to wash my hands, which I did and they took it away.

Now was in the morning, immediately it's was 6 o'clock what I hear was a drum beating heavily, steadily and on a very fast level before I could look through the window, two able boy's grap me, took me to the temple and left me there

Without wasting time peoples started coming inside the temple, the people of Odumudo village were all present, some were sitting, some were bending their self while the rest were standing and clapping, at this point the only thing that comes inside my mind was that my own has ended today

The shortest man in the kingdom Came out, enter the other room, clap his hands and quickly runs back to his position and what I could see was a Lion that has stay years without feeding and a snake on his back that never leave his side.

the Lion and the snake may be different specie's but here the share the same Stomach because the snake has it own head in the Lion's neck.

The lion roars and the were singing in their native dialect, the Lion roar again come closer to me and roars back to the room.

The people of Odumudo village could not sing anymore, they were surprised because once a visitor is brought here all they could expect was for the Lion to tear it apart and eat it, not long ago, less than two minutes a sorcerer arrive the hall ask me to drink water from his bucket and which I did drink it and chanting incantation but nothing could happen to me , he now says, 'quiet everyone" raising his hands up, that a day has come to make a new King, that he was waiting for this day been his final job on Earth.

He went further to explain to the people of Odumodu village that i am the Chosen one that the God's of their Land has accepted my presence in their Land to be their new King of Jakaata Kingdom.

The guards of Jakaata Kingdom quickly loose my chains and bow before me, I didn't know what to do at first, and what I hear was cries from the other room and that was the former King and his wife being loose from the their curse.

I was now given the story that, the former King and his dear wife were the wild Lion and snake, that what happened was that, an old woman places curse on them for taking his husband only plot of land, he went further to say that.
As at that time the king and his wife were both young and as young people they were fearless, the didn't has a child of their own and by this the God's of the land were totally angry therefore also places curse on the kingdom of Jakaata that the kingdom would stay for decades without King but one-day the God's will send to them whom is fit and qualify to be called the King of Jakaata Kingdom.

Stating that the chosen king will be the one to restore chaos, conflicts, disagreement and disappointed in the Land of Odumodu and restore peace and harmony.

The man would be called the Saviour of Odumodu.

Therefore, on many occasions, the people of Odumodu has been making many attempts on anyone visiting their Land, if the God's has done has he said, and this was done by bringing the Lion and the snake, the people of Odumodu gather in the palace Hall Jakaata Kingdom as it was in your case.

He said it and was crying and this was when I realized that the people of Odumodu village are not that wicked and barbaric as people sees them to be but their reason for being that way and avoiding others was people's was because they were not in any way Happy about the incident of their Land.

Moreover, The people of Odumodu village has been looking for the right person who will Lift their curst, be their saviour and become their king for more than two decades and all people could say was that the sacrifice people to lion and snake.

Because I like Discovery-it by @oscurity
i was crown the king of Odumodu village " the home of signs and wonders".

The voice of the people: all hail the king!
all hail the king!!
all hail the king!!!

Peace and harmony was restored in the kingdom of Jakaata.

I hope my story inspired you.

Written by me @repayme4568

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