Helping others get onboard Hive (through D.Buzz)

Image from Pixabay (as usual) 🙂

I helped onboard 2 new members, @chibiimee and @zannta, on D.Buzz (and generally Hive) just today. ✌️

I had been physically with them throughout the entire onboarding process. They were using their smartphones for the duration, because their computers were not accessible at that moment. Because of that, I knew firsthand the troubles they experienced when they were joining Hive. 🤔

So these are what happened...

Listed below are the events that happened, starting from me explaining to the two what Hive is (emphasizing the fact that is a decentralized social media that rewards you for posting and "liking"), up to the time when they make their post (a "buzz" on the D.Buzz community)!

  1. I told them about D.Buzz, a decentralized alternative to Twitter. They told me that while they frequently use Facebook, they never used Twitter. I then told them that while they can use Facebook to sell products, they can use D.Buzz to earn rewards without selling anything!
  2. I instructed them to go to D.Buzz after they got convinced. They first saw the "Trending" page and found the post (see the image below) that will have about $5.091 worth of rewards on post payout, and exclaimed "wow, just a picture and it already gets $5!".
  3. I told them to sign up using HiveOnBoard. @zannta had an issue viewing the HiveOnboard page after pressing the "Sign up" button on her Google Chrome browser for Android, so she had to borrow another phone just to use the signup page. @chibiimee saw the page normally. They needed to enter a username, for which I told them to input a unique, uncommon, yet memorable name.
  4. I told them to carefully backup the private keys. They got surprised when they saw that the private keys and master password are very long and too difficult to remember. I told them that those long pieces of text are not intended to be memorized 😁! I explained to them that the private keys (posting, active, and owner) have hierarchy, and properly storing those keys is the only way to prevent anybody else (no matter how influential in Hive) from using their account without their permission. After their efforts downloading and backing up the keys, I then instructed them to login to D.Buzz.
  5. I told them to login to D.Buzz using their posting key. After some time searching for the keys they downloaded, they finally were able to copy the posting key and inserted them to the corresponding field.
  6. I advised them to look around D.Buzz. They already saw the trending posts, which they said were "so cool with professional photographers". I told them to view the latest posts by pressing the clock button at the bottom, to avoid being intimidated by posts with already several dollars worth of rewards. I told them to understand the idea of how people post on D.Buzz - add pictures, captions, and tags, where possible and appropriate.
  7. I told them to make their first post! Pictures, captions, tags. I told them to upload a picture they like, put even just a tiny caption, then add tags relevant to the post. @chibimee did it correctly the first time. However, @zannta made the beginner mistake of removing the markdown tag (the IPFS link) corresponding to the image, because she thought that an error made them automatically appear. @zannta uploaded a post that has a caption, tags, but no picture 😮! I told @zanntan to delete the picture immediately, because when somebody upvotes or comments on the post, the post can no longer be deleted, only edited. Since D.Buzz does not currently support deleting or editing the buzz (post) and I (@savvyplayer) already knew the Hive workarounds, I told her to go to and delete the post from there. After about a minute of fumbling through the interface, the post was deleted before upvotes (usually from @mmmmkkkk311) or comments arrive and the prevent the post from getting deleted. Whew 😅! (Maybe I should have just made her edit the post instead 🤔.)
  8. I told them a bit about the rest of Hive. I showed that their posts already appear on the other Hive front-ends, such as, #HiveBlog,, and #Dapplr. I also told them that some games are free to join, require no investment, and also give rewards!

The entire process took almost 2 hours 😅😅!

Both of them were surprised after seeing this buzz (post) with more than $5 in rewards!

Please help me show them around the D.Buzz community, and around Hive itself! 😁

I hope they can withdraw their first dollar from Hive as cryptocurrency available on (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Ripple tokens) within 14 days from their joining today. That $1 withdrawal is more of an achievement for them undergoing through all the hoops of registering and posting on the decentralized social media platform named Hive, and that they should invest the rest (unless in case of financial emergencies, which we hope would never happen).

50% of the reward for this post will be split equally between @zannta and @chibiimee!

P.S. I made @zannta realize that her username is much like "Santa", and considering that Christmas day is on the way, people might ask her for Christmas gifts! Well, she's not Santa! 😆

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