Today has been a music day for me and I've enjoyed listening to some amazing #threetunes from some persons and I was just inspired all the more not to miss giving you all my own tunes. I've chosen to give you guys more tunes from the acapop kids like I promised last week.


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My love for acapella is something else and I was so motivated when I saw @zyzymena's entry for the three tunes Tuesday. I always love listening to acapella songs more because it has full melody and harmony when sang by lots of people. Sometimes I feel like some instrumental songs allow too much instrument that we could barely hear the vocalist.

That aside, let's get down to the main business of the day, my special three tunes Tuesday.

I'm going to be sharing with you other three tunes covers of the acapop kids and I really do hope you enjoy listening to them.

Acapop kids (Cover) - Dynamite

The first time I heard this song was the first day I loved it. The acapop kids did a great job with this cover, it's part of their recent videos and I was really impressed of how good they get every time I listen to them. There is really no special story behind this song for me but I just loved it because of how creative they sang it.

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Acapop kids (Cover) - High Hopes

This is another amazing tunes cover by the acapop kids. In this video, I was just staring at all of them because they all somehow got my attention but especially the little girl, she's just so good and talented. This song is one of the best for me but I'm sure that's a lie 😂 because I love all of their videos/audios and I hope you just sit back and enjoy the tunes and melody they produce.

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Acapop Kids (Cover) - Breathin

I know most people must know this song by Ariana Grande. I so much love the Acapop kid's version but Ariana Grande did really well too. I love both the original and the cover of this song and I just want you to listen to it too and see the reason why I choose it.

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The first song was sang by a British artist called Taio Cruz While the second song was sang by an American pop band called panic! at the disco. I really hope you enjoyed listening to my tunes for this week #ttt initiated by @ablaze.

See you at my next post ❣️❣️.

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