Spread the Vibes - Fusion of Styles! (Torna a Surriento Waltz Mix Cover)

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This is technically not a fusion of styles, but I got into the challenge and needed to get something done. A simpler video was the thing because the internet is the old new problem around.

The idea behind this comes from back when I was learning how to play Mandolin and I was looking at a music sheet of a Brazilian Valsa. I asked if this was the same as our waltz. The answer was that it is. Actually, it is a genre that exists in Brazil because of Venezuelan music. Then, I had the other insight that as in Colombia and other countries around here, Waltzes are played with the same European rhythm. So, we have two genres that are actually the same Vals Criollo and Pasillo.

Added to this, the father of my teacher told me that it doesn't matter if you want to mix the rhythm of something like a Brazilian Waltz with the Venezuelan Cuatro Strumming Pattern. It will fit just right. But it will sound different. That's the neat part.

And thus, you have the idea behind this. Also, I couldn't let my dear @mipiano down with this challenge. It's a fine idea to keep adding interesting content to HIVE in our own accord. The name of this song is Torna a Surriento a very famous and classic Italian Waltz, composed by Ernesto De Curtis to words by his brother, the poet and painter Giambattista De Curtis.

I'd like to see what someone like @edenmichelle can do with the original idea of Fusion of Styles. As a music producer, I bet we could see something mindblowing coming that way. Of course, participating in this is voluntary.

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