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Just one week from the last Spread the Vibes post, a response is coming from the always sunny country, as I like to call it. Music full of summer vibes, sparkling feelings through tunes that once you hear them, you can easily sing those during the winter to warm up a bit. Always the same upbeat rhythm, not to let us fall in the mood. Ready to take this ride right now?

Well, not exactly is that what will be heard in this edition. Not any close to it. Night and darkness will visit this post, although, sparkling attitude is weaved under my skin, as always when facing a Spread the Vibes, Challenge not challenge post. The key to this challenge is to transmit your reaction to the music, or the story you read. To try to express the impression you have gained, although I believe that it is not always easy to achieve. We can listen to a nice song or a great performance, but sometimes nothing new is born from there. A deadlock. Maybe that music left us indifferent, or maybe it’s just too much of a bite to try to express ourselves. Either way, I will try to tackle this story that I received an invitation to participate in. A story of a pianist, unconventional one, that likes to mix styles, to experiment with the instruments and and even use unconventional objects as part of expression on the piano.

It is about a German pianist, Nils Frahm, a young man (well, it is relative what is young) who has already left a deep mark but, at the same time, has a great career ahead of him, I am convinced. With such capacity, I am sure there is still room to develop and celebrate many new successes in the world of music. Many thanks go to the one who presented it to us in this challenge : @Edje. And what a presentation of this pianist and music he showed us. It takes your breath away and makes your skin have those little bumps, caused by all that cosmic and classical piano sound. If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself here

This Nils guy is funny and sweet when talks to the audience. He brings smile and laughter, but with expectation from the listeners and cheering to begin with the music. When it starts, the combination of the effects he makes, mellow sounds, chords making on them crescendo and echo, with very subtle rhythm background, going from very low sounds to really high pitch, opens a different perspective. I listened to it already many times until now, I can anticipate every each sound in my head. Again a bit of fun, entertaining the audience but wow, the second track (I dont know the title of it, @edje can you help with this? ) was the one that knocked me off my feet. The original excitement grew into an absolute adoring of this music. The classic sound of the piano, mixed with those sounds from infinity, from the universe. Distant constellations are invoked by sound, what we on this planet only see at night, like remote bright little dots. Stars. Night. Darkness, permeated with light. Our limited vision can not reach out there. However, exactly during the night, our subconscious takes the lead and takes us right there, away from the realities of everyday life. In dreams you have no boundaries, only other dimensions. If you are not one of those who dream during the day, and that is anyway not very recommended if you are at least somewhat attached to reality, then night is the one that can give you that experience.

Night, you guessed. My response to Edje's post will come through a piece, with the same title! And, it will not be just piano sound. It will be kind of a fusion. I used a backing track, coming right from the head of that Ludovico man. Not a new name in my posts and neither in Spread the Vibes challenge. But, playing along with a backing track that contains some synthetic sound was a bit challenging. Well, most of my Sunday went on trying to match my piano playing with it. Finally, it is here. I edited it in black and white version, the dark went better in this music. Or, don't you even watch the video, just listen to it, I think better reception can be achieved. Ladies and gentlemen, Night by Ludovico Einaudi on stage!

Oh, well, I was focused so much to the music, that I almost forgot to remind all of you what is this Challenge. It is a way of having some fun, spreading some vibes that music can give us and invite others to follow up. Until now, musical vibes were on spotlight, but today I would like to invite all who want to participate with other kind of expression to join. Writing? Perfect! Drawing, digital art , photography? Cool. Music, spot on also. Be creative and bring your response in the way you feel the most comfortable. In any case, check out the initial post, but feel free to add your mark. Though, the invitation goes to everyone, I would like to encourage some users :) The same ones I invited in my first edition of Spread the Vibes, back in February.

I would be happy to invite you once again, @ewkaw :) Many times you share music in your posts, and that made me more confident in inviting you again. Monochrome photos? Story? Music? Anything can come as response!

@bertrayo, well, why not bringing some music again...or poetry maybe? :) Or some new instrument you are making? Feel free to respond in the way you want!

@andrewmusic! The awesome guitar player who made a surprise and brought a spontaneous collaboration some ten days ago to the scene!! Thank you once again. I would be glad to hear some more of that singing guitar!

@edje, I know, you would not miss a new Spread the Vibes post, would you? If you liked this fusion of styles, grab this post and bring some more of those great talents, like was the case with Nils Frahm.


Cover photo for the video made in canva using photo

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