Season Hunt challenge: week 4 – Kids and Rain

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It's Nice to Meet You Guys in this community! This is my entry for the Season Hunt challenge week 4 hosted by @barbara-orenya. This is a story about my brother and her friends feeling happy when the heavy rain arrived. He immediately asked to leave the house with his mother who was cooking in the kitchen. Mother still forbids him to say "you'll get sick or have a fever". But because the younger brother didn't stop whining to ask him to leave the house, his mother finally allowed him to leave the house.


Almost forty-five minutes they were under heavy rain and already feeling chills. They immediately rushed into the house and took another bath with warm water prepared by our mother.
I prepared a towel for him which I put near the entrance of the house. Photos of children taking a rain shower, after a long time of hot weather stinging the skin. A grace from God when it rains, the land that was once dry now becomes wet and the atmosphere of the house becomes cold.


Have you ever thought about the good things that come from the rain? We must often be happy if the rain comes after a long dry season. Actually there are many things we can learn from the rain. These lessons will be useful for our lives to be more humble and enthusiastic about living every day.


There are several philosophies of rain that I have learned, one of which is “Even though it falls many times, the rain never gives up”.
Have we ever realized that it rains and keeps falling? From that we can learn that the rain keeps trying even though it falls many times. The rain continues to fall without giving up and that can be a good lesson for us. We must always be strong and steadfast to achieve something.



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