Season Hunt Challenge - ORNAMENTS (Winter Hunt)

When I read the theme of this week's challenge I thought "well, that's gonna be a hard one".

Season Hunt Challenge - Winter Hunt - ORNAMENTS

Season Hunt - Winter Hunt

Since the beginning of Autumn, Barbara Orenya | @barbara-orenya is hosting a new Challenge in the FeelGood Community:

Season Hunt

Every week a new theme is announced which suits to the actual season. This week we are having the first Winter Hunt and the theme is:


I usually don't photograph such man made things, and I didn't even want to take the photos in this post, but a little voice in my head said "take photos of these Christmas lights, you might need them one day!", and this voice was very right 😁

Season Hunt Challenge - Winter Hunt - ORNAMENTS
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When it was snowing last weekend, I didn't want to drive far away until most of the snow is cleared from the roads. So I drove to the east bay of our lake WΓΆrthersee and wanted to take some snowy photos of the lake and the trees.

It had just begun snowing when I left home, and so I only wanted to walk around and search for nice trees and photo compositions for later when there would be more snow on the ground.
Then I saw this Christmas tree below on the lake and the little voice in my head convinced me to take a few photos of it ... and then I took a few more πŸ˜€

Season Hunt Challenge - Winter Hunt - ORNAMENTS
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A Recipe for a Merry Christmas

Take a cup of thoughtfulness,
Take a cup of love,
Take the herbs that cheer and bless,
Drawn from stores above.
Take a pinch or two of pains,
And an ounce of wit,
And of secrecy two grains,
Just to flavor it.
Cook it at the fire of zest,
Seeking not your own;
You will have the merriest
Christmas ever known.

by Amos Russel Wells

Season Hunt Challenge - Winter Hunt - ORNAMENTS
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Later it started to snow really hard, my camera was full of snow and the viewfinder of my camera misted up so that I couldn't see anything. The fold-out display wasn't much of a help either - I should have taken an umbrella with me πŸ˜‰
That's why decided to drive back home, which can always be a bit adventurous in a city when there is heavy snowfall, if you know what I mean 😁

But before I went to my car, I took one more long exposure shot of the Christmas Tree on the water. You can't see the snow, but the snowfall and the dense fog have helped perfectly to isolate the Christmas Tree from the background.
I think this is one of my favourite images from December so far.

Season Hunt Challenge - Winter Hunt - ORNAMENTS
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I want to end my post with some snapshots of snowy roofs in my hometown Klagenfurt. I have taken these photos a couple of days after the above images. If you're asking where there are Ornaments - it was snowing quite a lot, but when you look a little bit closer on the church spires you might encounter some Ornaments.

Season Hunt Challenge - Winter Hunt - ORNAMENTS
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Season Hunt Challenge - Winter Hunt - ORNAMENTS
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Season Hunt Challenge - Winter Hunt - ORNAMENTS
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Season Hunt Challenge - Winter Hunt - ORNAMENTS
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I know, all these photos cannot really be called "Ornaments" but should rather be named Christmas lights and decorations, and because the water was moving they are a bit blurry, but I do hope you like them anyway 😊


All photos were taken with the Canon EOS R and one of these lenses: Canon RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM, Canon RF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM, Canon EF 16-35mm 1:4 L IS USM, Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 L STM, SIGMA 105mm 1:2,8 DG MACRO HSM, Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6,3 DG OS HSM C.
If you are interested in the image data, I leave all EXIF and IPTC information stored in the pictures.

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take care, stay safe and healthy,
Johann Piber @johannpiber
Photos and Text: @johannpiber | Johann Piber | All rights reserved - do not use without my permission
Please contact me if you would like to have one of my photos in full resolution.

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