How to Participate in The Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway

If you want to know how to participate in the Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway, we hope this post helps to clear things up.


To participate:

  • Send 1 $ HBD to @combination to get 1 Lucky Number for this week's prize draw
  • Include the transfer memo Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway

  • Your Lucky Number is assigned automatically

  • You can get as many lucky numbers as you want per draw.

  • 50% of all $ HBD collected goes to the giveaway prizes, 50% goes to @papilloncharity

  • After the draw, if you win your $ HBD prize will be sent to your account

  • Don't have any $ HBD? ►Convert HIVE to HBD Here◄


How to send $HBD using

# 1. go to your Wallet:


# 2. Click on Send HBD


Please note, if you send Hive it will be considered 100% donation and not an entry into the prize draw, but we will refund it if asked. Send $HBD if you intend to participate.

# 3. Fill out the Transfer HBD form


  • Your account name will appear automatically
  • Please send $ HBD in whole numbers (1,2,3...)
  • Please write the memo Weekly Hive Charity Giveaway (optional).

If you don't use PeakD, you can also use the wallet:


Transparency is important All donations and 50% of $ HBD collected in the giveaway will be sent to @papilloncharity, a trusted, registered and verified charity on Hive. See the Introductory Post for more information about this initiative.

Subscribe to @combination so you don't miss a draw

Disclaimer: The purpose of this initiative is to encourage donations to registered charities. The draw is decided by verifiable random number generation (RNG). Please see the Detailed Terms and Conditions for more about how it works. Participation is optional.

~ Please comment below if you have any questions or concerns ~

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