Season Hunt challenge: week 4 – Rain and Traditional Green Store

Theme: Rain
What's up everyone? Dear @barbara-orenya, this is my entry for the Season Hunt challenge week 4 contests. In my country, we are entering the rainy season, three hours of heavy rain made it difficult for people to leave their homes for shopping, when I first arrived at the market.


The atmosphere of the traditional vegetable market is still empty of buyers, only a few people who come, they have raincoats.


A motorcyclist is driving through the rain. But it looks like he's ready with a raincoat and wrapped his luggage with plastic. I hope he reaches his destination safely.

The rainy season has arrived; it's time to prepare an umbrella before it rains. But we should be grateful to God because it has been almost a week since the rain has not wet the dry land. It rains after a long drought. Isn't patience the key? What if the drought comes without being interrupted by rain?


Earth will be dry and not as beautiful as we know. Lucky that the rain came after a long drought. Life is so far from hardships and misery. We should be able to be a helper or at least a comforter to people who really need us. That's the philosophy that rain teaches about the meaning of life that I've read
The Phylosophy


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