[Whitepaper] CRYPTO SHOTS, first-person-shooter & play-to-earn 3D game

v0.1.0 - Nov 6th '21 - draft
v0.2.0 - Nov 11th '21 - in-review
v0.2.1 - Nov 13th '21 - added 10% claim, names aligned
v0.2.2 - Nov 14th '21 - added more staking options
v0.3.0 - Dec 11th '21 - whitepaper sections re-ordered
v1.0.0 - Feb 2nd '22 - token name change, more staking options, reduced play time, ammo mechanism change, scholarships.

Blockchain Gaming | Browser 3D game | Discord game | Play-to-earn | NFT | $BOOM token | WAX | HIVE
Play and earn our WAX tokens $BOOM, collect weapon parts (NFT), merge them into weapons (NFT), increase your earnings adding boosters (NFT) to your equipment. Discover new characters (NFT), take down enemies (NFT), travel to different planets using spaceships (NFT). Challenge your friends (HUMAN) in arenas (NFT).. all on the blockchain!!


What is Crypto Shots?

The.   FIRST.   First-Person-Shooter.   on the WAX blockchain !!

Crypto Shots is a #play-to-earn game that allows you to earn our tokens and our NFTs, all while having fun!

Most of the play-to-earn games on WAX are 2D and simple click-to-earn games. But hey.. the 90's called and want the 2D games back! 😅

We think that the blockchain can be leveraged to power more entertaining games.
And since there were no other Shooter 3D games on Wax and Hive back when we started in October 2021, we decided that it was our mission to bring one to all the players out there that want to play, earn and have fun too!

Other blockchains already moved in this direction but they opted for Console games. We believe that we can reach the masses delivering a 3D game for browsers, so that it can be played across a variety of different devices: desktop browsers, mobile browsers, tablets, VR headsets, ..you name it!

But the development of a 3D game takes time, so in the meantime we start creating the NFTs for our game using the same 3D models that will be in the game, and we put them to use in a Discord game that we developed in order to allow our users to premine our $BOOM token.

Milestones achieved so far:

  • October '21: kick-off of the project (personal investment of about $ 50,000)
  • NFT sales: all sold-out. Raised about $ 50,000 in WAX on top of the initial funding.
  • November '21: launch of our Discord Game B-otto and then Teknopolly.
  • January 23rd: launch of the alpha version of our 3D game on the WAX testnet (https://playtest.crypto-shots.com?test=alpha)
  • February 15th 2022: launch of the alpha on the WAX mainnet
  • February 15th 2022: launch of the alpha on the WAX mainnet
  • February 20th: $BOOM listed on Alcor, $MARS premining started

For the next goals see our ROADMAP   ..spoilers: HIVE, ETH 2.0, VR/AR #metaverse, Multiplayer, ...



Discord Game

The minimum requirement to start playing our Discord game is.. one Base Gun.
This is the very first Crypto Shots NFT minted on the WAX blockchain!

The Base Gun allows you to play straight away with our Discord bot B-otto in its dedicated Discord channel, and pre-mine our $BOOM token.

You can expand your Inventory with more weapons and items so that you can premine more of it. All the NFTs purchased for the Discord game have an use in the 3D game.

The Base Gun will be your default weapon in our First-Person-Shooter Game, and if you have more powerful weapons in your wallet, you will be able to find them, pick them up and use them against the enemies.

Unlike the other weapons that are level specific, the Base Gun can be used in every single level of the 3D game.
Note that all the level 0 (warehouse) weapons can be used on Discord as well.

Another perk of the Base Gun is that you can auto-stake them to earn up to 30% more BOOM tokens every time you win in the Discord game (+1% reward per extra gun). This is higher than the "level weapons".

So, now that we explained you what you need to start playing to earn, let's see how..

How to shoot in the Discord game

When you first join you need to link your Wax account with the !REGISTER command,
then to shoot you can just use !SHOOT

Possible outcomes:

  • Target HIT = +1 $BOOM (50% chance)
  • Target MISS = +0.2 $BOOM (25% chance)
  • SHOT back = -0.1 $BOOM (25% chance)

Every time you earn $BOOM (ie. you did not get shot) you also receive additional rewards based on your auto-staked NFTs (weapons and other items from your Inventory).

Extra rewards:

1. Base Gun = +(N x 1) % BOOM reward. N = amount of Base Guns.

NFT NameMax auto-stakedReward per item
Discord Game30+1% (ie. max +30%)
3D Game15+1% (ie. max +15%)

2. early-bird Discord role (assigned to the first 300 users that joined our Discord)
= +0.5% $BOOM. Applied to the Discord game only. Gives also other whitelisting perks.

NFT NameReward per item
Discord Game0.5%

3. Discord XP earned engaging with other users (without spamming)
= +(L x 0.1)% $BOOM
Examples:   level 4 = +0.4% $BOOM,   level 30 = +3% $BOOM
Users that reach level 10, 20 and 30 will also earn our Epic Badges that have the same booster in the 3D game:

PS. 2nd edition of Discord Badges:

NFT NameSupplyIn-game reward boost
Silver (level-10 role)2000.5%
Gold (level-20 role)1001%
Platinum (level-30 role)501.5%
Diamond (level-40 role)255%




The Base Gun allows you to shoot every 3 hours in our Discord game.
If you want to shoot more often than that, you can power up your arsenal.

The most powerful weapon that you have in your wallet is what determines your shooting frequency.

Depending on how many weapons you have, you will also earn a higher amount of $BOOM.

WeaponShooting frequencyMax staked DiscordReward per itemMax staked in 3D gameReward per item
Base - eg.
Base Gun
3 hours30+1% (ie. max +30%)15+1% (ie. max +15%)
Common - eg.
Laser Gun
every 2 hours5+1% (ie. max +5%)3+1% (ie. max +3%)
Rare - eg.
Laser Rifle
every 1.5 hours3+3% (ie. max +9%)2+3% (ie. max +6%)
Epic - eg.
Laser Shotgun
every hour2+5% (ie. max +10%)2+5% (ie. max +10%)


How to obtain your weapons:

  • You can purchase directly the full weapons or the weapon parts the from other players that listed them on AtomicHub;
  • Or you can purchase the weapon parts packs, so that when you open them you can try and find weapon parts with the same rarity.

Once you have all the required weapon parts, you can then blend them to create the full weapons.

Note: the Base Gun is not sold in parts therefore it does not require blending.

Laser Shotgun https://ipfs.atomichub.io/ipfs/Qmb7CdFEwupaTNZuKECBRdLuSeBfkY8JrnNQukttZ7wTDs
Laser Riflehttps://ipfs.atomichub.io/ipfs/QmQ6bnz5dusYSym524PqGyQfmok71e8DHkriTJmqAbrP4T


These NFTs allow you to perform better in the Discord game and to unlock features in the 3D game.

NameDiscord feature3D game feature
Shooting Trainingincreases your chances of
hitting the target by 10 %
Allows you to use the Shotgun
Camouflage Trainingincreases your chances of
hitting the target by 20 %
required to use the invisibility items
                                  (not available yet)
Heavy Weapons Trainingincreases your chances of
hitting the target by 30 %
required to use the heavy weapons
                                  (not available yet)


Note: probability-wise only one training per kind is counted.
If you have the 3 different type of trainings they stack, but not 2 trainings of the same type.
The epic trainings can be staked to increase your rewards.



NameDiscord feature3D game feature
Common Energy shieldwhen you get shot back, reduces
the chances of being hit by 30 %
10% more resistance to shots
Rare Energy shieldwhen you get shot back, reduces
the chances of being hit by 60 %
20% more resistance to shots
Epic Energy shieldwhen you get shot back, reduces
the chances of being hit by 90 %
30% more resistance to shots


NameDiscord feature3D game feature
Common Energy Condenser+20% chances of getting 2x rewards when you HIT
(Vs enemy 20% slower when the game is repurposed)
+2% $BOOM reward
Rare Energy Condenser+30% chances of getting 2x rewards when you HIT
(Vs enemy 30% slower)
+4% $BOOM reward
Epic Energy Condenser+60% chances of getting 2x rewards when you HIT
(Vs enemy 60% slower)
+6% $BOOM reward

Stacking in the Discord game:

- 1 common and 1 rare Shield can be stacked to get to 90% chances of using it when needed (matching the chances of the epic one).
- 1 common and 1 rare Condenser can be stacked to get to 60% chances of doubling your hunt reward (matching the chances of the epic one).
Keep in mind that the epics items can be staked though for higher rewards (see below).

Staking both in Discord and the 3D game:
The epic Condenser, epic Shield and epic Energy Cell are auto-staked to allow you to earn more $BOOM.
For all 3 types of epic items, you can auto-stake max 3 of them per type and each of them gives you +2% $BOOM.
Example: if you have 3 Epic Energy Cells in your wallet = +6% rewards. And the same applies for the Condenser and the Shield.




The very first level (level 0) takes place in a warehouse in the deep space. You get teleported there and it's a training ground (with rewards) where you have to take down all the drones across the two bays to complete the level.
Level 1 and onwards instead follow a story. See the "game level structure" section for details.

As long as you have in your wallet the minimum set of NFTs required to play, you can restart any level as many times as you want and keep earning until you run out of time.

Both the character and the weapons have cooldowns that allow you to play only a predefined amount of time per day, depending on your inventory:


Character rarityMax amountTimeMax time per daySpecial Skill
Common45 minutes20none
Rare315 minutes45+50% life
Epic225 minutes50+100% life, 🎁 (skin)

The very maximum time that the characters allow you to play in a 24 hours cycle, if you have all of them, therefore is 20 + 45 + 50 = 115 minutes. The timer resets at midnight UTC.

SKINS                                CommonRareEpic
 +20% lifeMoves faster      🎁...      

All features of the characters and skins stack.


Weapon rarityMax amountTimeMax time per day$BOOM multiplier
Base210 minutes201.00x
Common105 minutes501.05x
Rare65 minutes301.10x
Epic35 minutes151.20x

The max total time for all weapons combined matches the characters max time: 115 minutes.


Every time you start a level, you get the same amount of initial ammo that depends on the type of ammo NFTs that you have:

NameAmmo countMax slotsMax ammo increase
Base Ammo10  Not cumulative, no need to have more than one 1not applicable
Common Energy Cell+5 (ammo extension)3+15
Rare Energy Cell+10 (ammo extension)2+20
Epic Energy Cell+40 (ammo extension)1 *+40
* Reminder: epic Energy Cells up to 3 are auto-staked for higher $BOOM rewards.

Every time you start the level, the ammo is distributed among ALL (4) weapons in quantity inversely proportional to their power/damage rate.

(values might change based on testing)

The max ammo possible with all 7 NFTs is: 85

Example distribution of the max ammo:

Base Gun: 30 (35.3%)Laser Gun: 25 (29.4%)Rifle: 20 (23.5%)Shotgun: 10 (11.8%)

Note: if a weapon is missing its ammo is not distributed to other weapons.

The Base Ammo is a requirement to play. The Energy Cells (extensions) add ammo on top of the Base Ammo counter.


How is your reward calculated

To be rewarded with the highest amount possible of $BOOM to claim at checkpoints (if available) and at the end of the level, kill as many enemies as possible. Each kill increases your potential balance.

Only if you complete the level, you will be awarded with 100% of the balance.

If you took down at least one forth of the enemies, you will be rewarded in $BOOM even if you did not complete the level:

  • If you ran out of time, you can claim 40% of your current balance (or purchase more weapons/characters to continue playing where you left it).
  • If you died, you can claim 10% of your current balance.

You are worried that you are not too good at First-Person-Shooters? Consider renting out your wallet(s) to skilled players and negotiate your cut! Check out the Scholarships section for info.


Sentinel DroneKiller DroneSoul-crasher Drone
+0.05 $B+0.1 $B+0.2 $BOOM

Level 0 in hard mode has 20 drones:
7x 0.05 + 7x 0.1 + 6x 0.2 = 2.25 $BOOM per victory (plus hard-mode reward and NFT boosters!).

The easier levels have fewer drones, and you still have to lose time looking for them in the map.

You will be able to choose the difficulty of the game and your rewards will be impacted by that.

17 % less reward per killstandard reward per kill17% more reward per kill


MAX EARNINGS ("whale pro-gamer")   Vs   AVERAGE EARNINGS ("casual player")

1. whale pro-gamer

- The player chose hard mode
- A good average completion time for the full level is 5 minutes
- The player has all the NFTs for the max available time of 115 minutes
- The player has ALL the NFTs that add boosters in the game

This results in ~23 sessions available per day and a total gain of 51.75 $BOOM per day (plus boosters plus extra reward for hard-mode).

51.75 * X % applied to every item in the Inventory taken singularly.
>> 1% = +0.5175, 2% = +1.035, 3% = +1.5525, 4% = +2.07, 6% = +3.105, 10% = +5.175, 15% = +7.7625
= 51.75 + 1x0.5175 + 2x1.035 + 2x1.5525 + 1x2.07 + 5x3.105 + 1x5.175 + 1x7.7625
= 87.975 - 51.75
Result: +36.225 from the boosters!

Hard mode: +8.62 $BOOM

So the very maximum $BOOM earnings playing the game, assuming that the player has ALL the NFTs and manages to take down ALL enemies every 5 MINUTES for 115 MINUTES is about 100 $BOOM per day.

2. casual player

Based on estimates and projections of average inventory, kill count and play time, the average player with an average combination of characters, weapons and boosters will make about 36 $BOOM per day.

These reward values may be adjusted in the days/weeks after the game launch based on the actual game metrics observed for the different type of players. Note also that rewards will likely be reduced over time to balance them with the token price and counter inflation.

In order to prevent printing too much BOOM and depreciating the token, players in the near future may be asked to pay a fee in BOOM proportional to their in-game level in order to access level 0. Levels after 0, among the other strategies, use spaceships to control inflation.
TIP: we recommend that you stake some of your BOOM so that you can keep playing completely/almost for free with the interests accrued over time!

Tax for high performers

To avoid that users with plenty of resources get too ahead of the others and control the market, every in-game claim will be subject to a tax that is proportional to the level of the player. The level of the player is proportional to the total amount of enemies taken down.

  • No tax is applied to player levels below 3.
  • Multi accounts are allowed only for Scholarships.

Initial prices of the in-game marketplace:

 Base GunLaser GunLaser RifleLaser Shotgunothers
BOOM PRICE304070100tbd

The prices will be adjusted every Sunday at 00 UTC based on their average value on the market and the $BOOM value.


  • Want to start over a level? You are free to, if your character and weapons have time left.

  • At any point in time during the game you can access the in-game marketplace to purchase more weapons and other items, using the assets that you have in your wallet.

  • If you run out of ammo or time from your character(s) and really want to finish the level to get the 100% claim and the other end-of-level rewards, you will be able to purchase more ammo or characters up to all the available slots in your inventory. If you inventory is already full you will be charged more to continue.



Levels after level-0 (warehouse) are structured in this way:

1. Spaceship / transportation vehicle

Every time you start/restart a level you can either use the free default spaceship that takes 2 hours to deliver you to your destination, or pay a fee to one of the spaceships owners for that level. There will be multiple spaceships (NFTs) owned by users, that charge a different amount of $BOOM or $WAX and take you to your destination in different amounts of time (eg. 1 WAX = 1h,15 WAX = 30 minutes, 30 WAX = 1 minute).

When a new level is released users will want to try and complete the level asap so that they get low mints of the final enemy and low mints of the weapon parts of the following level!

2. Survival Path / Mission

Follow the game story, take down the enemies that try to stop you and choose your path to get to the end of the level.

Our goal is to make the game levels entertaining even when repeated multiple times.
Eg. you will be able to proceed on your path only after killing all the enemies in the area; every time you play you will be able to pick only one of multiple paths that are offered for that level; our epic characters will allow you to open shortcuts or secret paths with special rewards.

3. Final Enemy

After a final checkpoint to claim your $BOOM, you will face the final enemy of that level and earn its NFT that marks the end of the level, if you manage to defeat them!



As previously mentioned, for levels after level 0 (warehouse) to complete the level you will have to follow one of the multiple paths.
Since the paths will be crowded with enemies, there will be checkpoints where you will be allowed to claim 100% of your current balance as a reward for reaching it alive.

You can claim your in-game balance into $BOOM at those checkpoints and at the end of the level. If you run out of time either because of your weapons or characters, you can choose to:
A. purchase (within 5 minutes) the weapon or character that allows you to continue playing, if you have any slots available.
B. claim your $BOOM earned up to that point, but with the 40 % penalty for not having used one of the in-game checkpoints.



To make previous levels enjoyable also when played a lot, from time to time we will make some additions to them. Or when you are far into the game we'll even require you to go back to previous levels to find a new item that became available and is required to progress in the latest level. And, for example, you will be able to find it only thanks to an item found in the latest level (eg. jetpack 😉).

Since we are planning on having a different token for each planet, and to group levels by planet, forcing you to tackle again previous levels or have a new level take place in a previous planet, will keep the economies of all planets active. This will help in case the amount of players repeating previous levels and the influx of new players would not be enough to keep their trading volume to healthy levels.


At the end of each level you will earn an NFT that marks the completion of the level and allows you to access the following level, if already released.

Note: change from previous version of the whitepaper
This NFT will be transferable so that if new users joining the game want to get directly to the latest level and earn that new token, they'll need to purchase from existing players all the previous end-of-level NFTs.

After obtaining the EOL NFT the first time, you can achieve it again only if your performance was better than before and above some set thresholds.

Furthermore, if your performance was above some epic thresholds, you will be able to claim for free a weapon part of the following level. Depending on your performance of time & hit/miss rate, you will be able to claim a weapon part with a different rarity.


Every new level of the game for the same planet is going to be slightly more rewarding compared to the previous ones (we might slightly reduce the rewards of previous levels as well).
When a new level is released, weapons of the previous level will not lose all their value because new players joining the game will still want to complete previous levels to earn their tokens and to access the newer levels. And as previously mentioned, we will require players to go back to previous levels to find items that unlock the latest level. Therefore players will still need weapons for the previous levels.


Burning mechanism: SECRET WEAPONS

In order to prevent that the amount of NFTs grows infinitely making their value decrease over time (despite new players joining and needing them),
we will let you use some of your NFTs to try and discover secret weapons.

You will be able to blend some of your CS NFTs to try and mint one. If you got the combination wrong you’ll just lose them (burned), but if you got it right you’ll earn a unique weapon with a RANDOM AND UNIQUE multiplier between 1.50x and 4.00x for $BOOM rewards! (eg. 3.24x)
Clearly the higher the rewards multiplier, the higher will be its rarity on the market.

The combination of NFTs required to mint a secret weapon will change every time one is discovered.
For example, the first time it could be achieved blending 2 Base Ammo and 1 Laser Rifle; the following time blending 2 Common Guns of 2 different levels and one rare shield.
The rarity of the items required to craft the next secret weapon will be announced every time the previous one gets discovered.



The $BOOM token has already been deployed to the WAX testnet as boomfungible and to the mainnet as csboomcsboom.

The premined $BOOM will be initially distributed as in-game stake based on the amount accumulated by our users playing with the B-otto game in our Discord. See the PASSIVE INCOME section for more info.
$BOOM will be listed on Alcor when the alpha version of our 3D game is launched and stable.

Reminder: we plan on creating a new token for each planet the story will take place in. The game levels will be on different planets and the story will go back and forth between planets, in order to keep the token economics alive.


You can redeem our Coins (NFT) burning them and putting the transaction in a dedicated Discord channel of ours. Or if you hold them, you will be able to use them to blend more Secret Items in the game. See the "other NFTs" section!


  1. Purchase NFTs while playing, using our in-game Marketplace   [LIVE]

  2. Stake it for passive income. You also need to keep some of it staked in order to play, as your player level increases (S2C rule).   [LIVE]

  3. Buy/Sell it on Alcor (and later on other exchanges too)   [LIVE]

  4. Initiate a Scholarship;   [LIVE]

  5. Use it to start/restart levels after level 0. Some spaceships will charge $BOOM and some others WAX.   [in-progress]

  6. Purchase extra ammo if you run out during the game. You will be able to choose between WAX and BOOM.   [todo]

  7. Burn some (together with NFTs and some $MARS) to try and guess the combination of a SECRET WEAPON.

  8. Purchase our merchandise on our website.   [todo]
    Eg. nerf guns, water guns, branded headphones, t-shirts, hats, stickers, keyboards, mouse, shot glasses, branded targets, etc etc.

  • Some of our merch will be 3D-printed by us and only a very limited amount will be available!!
  • Some of it will be in the form of vIRL NFTs!!
  1. Earn #passiveincome providing liquidity to the #WAX/BOOM pool: https://bit.ly/3L4XCmd [LIVE]

    1. Stake it to earn $MARS [stage: testnet - https://bit.ly/3PdMGWD]



The $BOOM that you premined in our Discord will be automatically staked into your in-game wallet (ie. savings).
You will be able to claim a portion of your stash every day, but no more than once per day.

  • If you won during that day (completed the level) you will be able to add to your claim 5 % of it.
  • If you did your best but ran out of time, you will be able to claim 3% of it for that day.

This will prevent $BOOM from being dumped as soon as it's listed on Alcor, making your hard-earned token value worth very little if you found out late.

Still want to get access to your funds quickly?
Once a day, after winning or running out-of-time and having taken down at least half of the enemies, you can withdraw 20% of your staked funds.
In that case though 35% of it will be burned.
You have 100 Boom staked. You can take 20 out of it, and receive 13. 80 will still be in your stake.

If you instead leave it staked in your in-game wallet, you'll earn interests on it. The initial interest is set to 5% and this figure could be adjusted at the end of every month based on the token performance on the market in order to keep it more profitable when staked.

And that brings us to our.. deflationary policies.

    At the end of every month we'll burn a percentage of the total supply of $BOOM, in order to counteract inflation and the depreciation of the token as more of it gets earned by the players.
  • REWARD ADJUSTMENT #"halving" ✂️
    At the same time as the monthly burn, we'll adjust how much $BOOM is issued to players, in order to try and keep its price the most stable as possible and do our best to make investors and players indeed earn when they play.

These strategies, plus the burn mechanism for secret weapons (🔫✨), should help preventing extremly high-volatility for our token(s).

SPACESHIPS #"lands" 🏞️
Earn WAX or BOOM every time a player uses your spaceship (NFT) to start a level. The amount of spaceships is limited. Whales won’t be the only ones able to afford these, we’ll have a mechanism in place that gives one random bidder a chance to own one as well, even though theirs wasn't the highest offer.
We may sell spaceships for previous levels too if the amount of active users for a previous level grows a lot.

It will be possible to stake your Crypto Shots tokens in Arenas used for multiplayer matches.
In this way you will earn a share of all profits of that battlefield.
Based on the planet where the arena is located, you’ll have different staking windows and rewards.

Rent out (stake) your weapons in weapon shops. Players that need more powerful weapons for their matches in our game levels or arenas will be able to borrow them and give you a small cut of their profits.


Sergeant, Commander, Lieutenant, Captain, General

These NFTs will allow you to earn a different amount of $BOOM staking them into different types of Spaceships.
Due to intergalactic laws the crew needs to change every month.

Check our Roadmap for an estimated timeline on these features.



What if you are pretty bad at playing shooter games?
Or what if you don't have time to play?

No problem. You will be able to rent out one or more of your accounts to other players!

We will have 2 Scholarships NFTs: the Alien Scholar and the Alien Teacher.

  • The Teacher is the owner of the wallet with all the NFTs for the game.
  • The Scholar is the person that will play on behalf of the teacher.

Every scholar can have max 2 Teachers.

These NFTs will be given out in a dedicated Discord channel based on agreements between users.

The NFT of the Scholar will have a dynamic field with the WAX address of the Teacher.
The Teacher NFT will have a dynamic field that specifies the WAX address of the Student, plus another dynamic field with the % of their cut on the player profits that had negotiated between the parties when the partnership was created.

The BOOM claims will automatically be split between Scholar and Teacher based on the value printed on the Teacher NFT.

All the NFTs earned in game will go to the teacher wallet and agreements have to be made directly between the 2 parties on how to distribute them.

The Scholarship NFTs will be non-transferable and burnable. If any side of the Scholarship is not happy with their partnership, they can simply burn their NFT to interrupt it.
(To be on the safe side, scholars should press the "claim BOOM" button at the end of every match and not leave it unclaimed for long periods of time)





Since the launch of our Discord bots we have been storing their data into the Hive blockchain.

[ see https://hiveblocks.com/@crypto-shots ]

We are currently also storing some data of the 3D game as well.


You are reading this article from Discord and don't know what Hive is and don't have an account? Check out our #hive-accounts channel, since December we have been giving away 1 Hive account per day and 5/10 HP delegations.


Our plans for HIVE:

  • Integrate some HIVE NFTs.
    Eg. epic characters, weapons, enemies or spaceships.
  • Allow users to link their Hive account to the 3D game and weekly auto-post into our Hive community a screenshot of their inventory and game stats (player level, last level completed, inventory, average play time, average score, ...). Plus any additional text that they want to add to their post before it's published.
  • Give prizes in HIVE to users playing our Discord game.
  • Issue our own Hive-Engine token and let users decide which token to earn while playing (or both).

Check out the roadmap for more details and our estimated timeline.

    Once ETH upgrades to v2.0 and the fees are back to an acceptable level, we'll likely integrate its NFTs and tokens too into our 3D game.





  • Teknopolly - Discord Bot and 3D game helper (see dedicated section below)
  • More to come!



  • We will sell some of our Crypto Shots design material as NFTs (eg. behind the scenes, soundtracks, wallpapers, ...)

  • There will be art contests. The winners's art will be put in our collection and they will get a 30% cut of the sale!!


  • We plan on having contests in which users will be able to use a 3D model of their favorite character or weapons in Augmented Reality, simply using their smartphone camera and submit their entry for other users to vote on.
    If you check out our weapons and characters NFTs there is already a AR-link field in there. And we posted some sneak peeks already in our Discord 😉

  • We are in the process of partnering up with a Tournaments platform for gamers, stay tuned for more!!



These will be released in future levels of the games. Some will be in Drops, some will be hidden in the game levels and others will be achievable blending items (including Coins and some BOOM).

  • Healing kit → heals life bar to 100 %

  • Pentazemin drug → temporarily reduced mouse sensitivity and slows down time to allow you to hit your enemy (eg. EOL enemy).

  • Energy beamer → when blended with a weapon with the same rarity, it allows you to improve its damage rate

  • High Precision Scope → allows you to power up your weapons to hit enemies at a greater distance.

  • Quantum oscillator → allows the weapon it was applied on to shoot faster

  • Time Warpers → slow down the world around you for 5 or 10 seconds (common, rare). Completely freeze enemies for 5 or 10 seconds (epic, legendary).

  • EM Grenade → a powerful weapon that can be used against a group of enemies.

An much more!

  • Quantum Taser, Sonic Bow, Friend Fire from the sky
  • Items that allow you to temporarily move much faster
  • Items that allow you to temporarily have infinite ammo
  • Temporary invisibility
  • What our community suggests!! 😎


Note: some of these items may be allowed to use only in some specific levels/planets.




FUTURE DEVELOPMENT of the Discord Game

B-otto versions:

  • v1 [live] - allows you to premine our WAX token $BOOM

    The premined BOOM balance for every user is stored in the Hive blockchain and transferred to their in-game wallet once the 3D game is released and the token listed on Alcor. Users have an easy way to check their balance changes over time, since changes to it are stored in Hive.

  • v1.9 - When the alpha of the 3D game is live on the mainnet, B-otto will let you HIT 100% of the times, with a bit smaller reward. It will allow you to premine t$MARS, the token of the 3rd level.  **

  • v2 - game repurposed to be skill-based.

  • v3 - $MARS is sent to users every night at midnight UTC based on their performance during the day. Negative balances are reset to 0.
    The premined token will be issued to players once we release its contract on the mainnet and list it on Alcor.   **

  • v4
    Shoot another Bot ( NFT of another popular game, stay tuned!! 🔥 )
    Shoot other players (top of the leaderboard? 😉) to try and steal some of their balance for that day (skill-based).

  • v5 - more prizes   **
    Pool of HIVE tokens sent as reward for playing.
    Pool of WAX tokens sent as reward for playing.
    Daily/weekly/monthly contests with prizes in BOOM, WAX and HIVE.

** regulatory compliance study in progress

Discord Bot TeknoPolly

In the #teknopolly Discord channel, you can interact with a chatbot bot powered by AU (Artificial Unintelligence).
Teknopolly might decide to be funny, repetitive, rude or tell you a joke.. but most importantly it will reward some users with its rare NFT (max supply 300!), weapon parts and sometimes even other rare NFTs like the Sneak Peek Passes!

Command used to interact with the Teknopolly bot:
!tekno “your_message_here”.


How does it pick a winner??

It's pretty random but it mostly picks users that interacted with it.
When it gets triggered with a promo like the !tekno !fly or !treat command, then it's less picky 😉.
Make sure not to spam it or it will just ignore you, or tell you to shut up.. 😱😅

Perks of owning a Teknopolly NFT:

Discord Game3D game
Almost 50% chance of
multiplying your reward 3x,
when you HIT
  • It will show you shortcuts or hidden items and might open them too
  • Temporary Immortality
  • Whitelist for Drops
  • NEW - double base reward per drone while the player is immortal (applied if the level is completed)
    The old Polly
    If you already know what this is, it could be because you found an NFT dropped to you, or Teknopolly sent you a DM because it knew you from its previous life.
    If you don't know what I'm talking about, we may as well spare you the drama that happened with a famous WAX game that our CEO co-founded prior to creating this project.. 🙂 🦜

    Since it was stated that the old Polly has no use anymore, you can redeem one Teknopolly burning Polly and putting the transaction in our #the-phoenix channel.

    The phoenix channel can also be used if the Teknopolly that you own has no name (ie. the name field has a number instead of "Teknopolly"). In that case you can pick a (reasonable) custom name that you want on it and we'll remint it for you.
    Note: renaming available only until we ran out of Teknopolly's (the max supply is 300!).


    OUR PAST DROPS and pack contents


    #1. Weapon Parts packs.
    Size: small, medium and large
    (large packs sold-out in 1 minute, medium packs: 1 hour, small packs: 4 days)
    They contain: weapon parts, shooting training, rare Energy Cells.


    #2. Arsenal Advanced Pack
    (medium packs sold-out in 1h, small packs in 2 days)
    They contain: Energy Condenser, Energy Shield, Epic Energy Cell, Gold Coin

    #3. Early-Access Pack
    https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/87172(sold-out in 6hs)
    It contains: Teleport Device, Sneak Peek pass, Platinum Coin


    #4. 3D game Starter Kit (presale)
    https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/87996 (sold-out in less than 30s)
    It contains: Base Gun, Base Ammo, Base Character


    #5. 3D game Advanced Packs
    + https://neftyblocks.com/c/crypto4shots/drops/103759
    (L and XL packs sold-out in less than 1 second!)
    They contain: Base Gun, Base Ammo, 1-2 Characters, 1-4 Skins, marble/copper/diamond Coin, Scope for all weapons



    #6. Level-1 Packs
    https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/89979+89978+89977+89976 + in-game Inventory
    + golden packs: https://neftyblocks.com/c/crypto4shots/drops/114308
    (Golden packs sold-out in 30 minutes)
    They contain: Level-1 Full Weapons or parts, Grenade Thrower (legendary weapon, requires Heavy Weapons training), L1 characters, L1 skins, L1 Generic Scope. See drop or pack description for details.


    #6. Level-2 Packs
    https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/91536+91538+91537 + in-game Inventory
    + pre-sale & laggers
    (Pre-sale sold-out in minutes)
    They contain: Level-2 Full Weapons or parts, L2 Characters and skins, Lev2 generic scope and sniper scope. See drop or pack description for details.


    sniper (creator of @keys-defender)
    Core Team:
    Davide, Max, Eliseo, Jay, Denny, Louis (@louis88)
    Marketing and mods:
    Maribelle, Jesus, Thor, LeDim, Fatlessgravy, Ozgur, ...

    Want to join us? Reach out to our team.

     (Hedge Fund)


    Supporters on YouTube:
    Icaronz, Japz, Dionisio

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