Arkemis The Bear | The Terror In The Darkest Hour

Boom it came when we aren't expecting it alive, the bear came like a thief in the night, I never knew we have a new promo card on board until I saw this particular card in the city of neoxian and I was like what is going on, I quickly rush to check the market section before checking the splinterlands announcement post. Oh we now have Arkemis The Bear one of the new promo common card. We still haven't recover from Possiblius the wise which was release recently into the water element ( a weak summoner though), and now we have Arkemis in the neutral element, checking out this card stats, really gave me this shocking wow smile. But first this cards is only on board because of the Splinterlands Winterfest End of Year Promotion which you can read more about here, but you get the cards for free if you purchase packs till the end of the year.

I think this is what make the card really cheap, currently selling at 0.15$, I will just grab some from the market section instead but let check out this card stat. I always love a card when it is maxed because that will make it show you it full potential, when though this particular card is huge when it come to the mana cap, the abilities is a shocker, first of all is the Protect that give all friendly cards 2 extra amour, then the Halving which reduce the target strength by half anytime it hit it. This particular ability make me love this card, after Halving Alchemist, this is the next card with such ability which make it rare, then the Forcefield ability that take only 1 damage from cards with 5+ strength then the enrage ability that increase the speed and attack when damage.

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 20.33.41.png

I just had to taste it out in battles to see how magnificent it could be. I prefer using it in higher capped battle and I found one with 50 mana capped and with the Fire & Regret rule which give all card the return ability and also the spreading fury that give them all enrage ability. So I decided to use Arkemis the bear as my frontlines since there is a protect ability available, then I back it up with lot of magic cards like the Djinn oshannus, Nerrissa Tridawn, venari wavesmith to add extra protect and other abilities, captain Ghost incase my opponent use a healing card and lastly Water elemental.

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 21.15.21.png

battle link

My opponent actually came up with some cards with high attack and mostly sneaks attackers. He use Grum as his frontline but I cut down is strength before he destory my arkemis, he took him a while because the enrage ability boost it speed which make him to miss some of his attacks and that give me huge advantage over him and I won the battle with most of my cards still on board.

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