Generating good mood through street art. July 2021

Street art is what makes me stop.

I have always liked people who could do bold deeds for the benefit of other people, to maintain overall beauty and harmony. I treat such people with special sympathy and respect, because these are people whose profession is called an artist. An artist is a person who knows how to express his thoughts through a brush or pencil, his main emotional argument is paint. With paints, the artist expresses everything that we sometimes cannot express in words. When I walk down the street and see street art on the city walls, my heart rejoices for these people, whose work often raises our spiritual level, makes our life rich and beautiful. In short, I dedicate this post to these wonderful people, whose profession and vocation is an artist.

Almost any business now starts with an artist's brush.

Now, in our turbulent times, businessmen increasingly turn to artists for help. This is not surprising, because an artist with his creative thought and brush can express all the beautiful and bright sides of a new business. And this will be considered a modern approach to advertising and something that has always interested me and that I have often noticed, the artist can hide the defect of old walls with his beautiful art and generally give the street a noble look and an unforgettable world of fantasy and healing beauty.
Now it is difficult to imagine a modern city without street art, this creativity is tightly integrated into our daily life. And I will tell you this without exaggeration, cool and stylish.

Let's write posts, comment on publications. The Hive blockchain is the airfield for your thought and talent to take off.

It is very convenient for me to express my thoughts through writing on the Hive blockchain, the main satisfaction is there is no censorship and unlimited opportunities for creative thought and grandiose plans. If you like it too, write your comments, we use a modern and decentralized resource for communication, and this is a great reason to be proud.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to @dynamicgreentk for his titanic and useful work. Thank you very much.
I want to see many happy and successful people on the Hive blockchain, I think my desire will come true when we all see each other here and help each other.






At this point, I want to finish my small publication and wish all Hive blockchain users a good day and good health. Thank you so much for your attention to my publication and your support. And once again I want to say a big thank you to all artists, people of this wonderful profession. See you.

Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51 🙏 🙏 🙏

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