THE WOLF HOWL vs THE ORK WAAAGH! @Sword and Board hobby store @South Africa ! 🐺⚔️👽

THE WOLF HOWL vs THE ORK WAAAGH! – And Last Game for “Slow grow” Warhammer 40 000 hobby @Sword and Board hobby store @South Africa ! 🐺⚔️👽

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Greetings, awesome friends, hive community, and fellow Wargamers!⚔️🎲

This post marks my final update on the slow grow community(Sword and board hobby store) I've been a part of, I am recounting the journey we embarked on since the beginning of this year.

In February of this year, our fantastic local tabletop and war gaming store in Table view South Africa, Sword and Board, initiated the Slow Grow 2023 event. After three long years, this initiative was rekindled, overcoming the challenges posed by COVID restrictions. While I had been immersed in painting and collecting Warhammer 40,000 models for over a year and being reading lore and books for more than 20 years, I hadn't yet ventured into official tabletop games of Warhammer 40,000. This “slow grow” endeavour aimed to introduce new players to the hobby and encouraged individuals like myself to dive into the immersive world of tabletop warfare.

It has been a remarkable journey, marked by learning from seasoned veterans in the hobby, I learned a lot from many new and old players. Special mentions to @zakludick, my fellow Wolf Brother, who I am still learning from.

(PLEASE😅: I do apologize for the grey unpainted minis😋😊, this is allowed in the slow grow games as playing others and learning the hobby is more important than having painted models ready, they will get paint asap)

Battle Round 1:

As the battle commenced, we placed the classic Scorched Earth primary objective alongside random secondaries. Scorched Earth required us to "burn" an objective marker by using one of our units to destroy it, earning points. Strategic planning was key, as certain secondary objectives depended on the availability of specific objectives. Thus, a race to control the central objectives ensued.

My opponent, the Ork player, gained the upper hand by starting first. This advantage helped his advance, positioning his units to control the middle objectives. In response, I harnessed the speed of the wolves, swiftly moving my units onto objectives as soon as my turn began. I also directed potent firepower at his strong vehicles, especially the Battle Waggon. While I managed to reduce it to a mere 3 wounds remaining, with an attack from the Ballistus Dreadnought and a squad of Long Fangs armed with lascannons, luck didn't favor me, even with the Oath of Moment on that target…it survived to reck more havoc onto my troops in the next turn.

I unleashed my Drop Pod with Ragnar and the Blade Guard Veterans behind enemy lines amidst the chaos of battle. A bold 9-inch charge brought them into base contact, initiating a fierce battle. Clash of fangs and shields resonated, concluding swiftly with the elimination of the entire unit of Ork War Bikers and a squad of Boyz. Only Blade Guard member sustained wounds.😸

Battle Round 2:

As the second round unfolded, my opponent unleashed the full might of his Waaagh! The Ork onslaught came from all directions, with units disembarking from the battered Battle Waggon as well as the teleportation of Ghazghkul into the heart of combat, surrounded by his troops.

The chaos of the Ork Waaagh! led to substantial losses on my side, magnified by the re-rolls and extra attacks that characterized their ferocity. The Blade Guard fell victim to the onslaught, succumbing to a devastating 46 attacks that resulted in 22 wounds going through and only 7 wounds saved, which wiped the squad. The battle persisted between our two melee-focused factions, further depleting the ranks of my Blood Claws and Grey Hunters. I also lost one Thunder Wolf in the exchange.

Fuelled by wolfish fury, we retaliated. Ragnar stood strong, dealing substantial damage to the squad of Ork knobs engaging him. The Blood Claws, despite dwindling numbers, fought valiantly. The Grey Hunters, reduced to two, managed to take down some of the assaulting enemies. With the ferocity of wolves, the Thunder Wolves, led by Canis, skilfully eliminated the entire 10-man unit that dared to challenge them.

Taking the initiative, Canis and the wolves charged a Death Dread, ultimately annihilating it with a combination of Long fangs support and their own ferocity. I marshalled the remaining Blood Claws to strike back, and their efforts culminated in the elimination of more enemy units. Inspired, Bjorn the Fell-Handed and the surviving Grey Hunters charged Ghazghkul, delivering the final blow with the assistance of Oath of Moment. My unit roster was thinning, yet the horde of foes persisted...🙀

Battle Round 3:

Regrettably, the final round dawned as the store's closing time approached. The Orks pressed on, claiming the last of my Blood Claws, Grey Hunters, and Thunder Wolves. Their victories provided them room to manoeuvre and capture additional objectives.

Deploying a last-minute deep strike manoeuvre, I introduced my Terminators and Njal Stormcaller to the fray, launching again a valiant 9-inch charge into the heart of the enemy formation. In a hail of bullets and precise shots, we took down the Ork "Big Shoota" and decimated more than half of the squad holding an objective, securing valuable points.

Regrettably, the battle was cut short due to time constraints. We tabulated our points, and the Orks emerged victorious with a score of 27 to 15 against the Wolves.

The battle was a blast, and I savoured every moment. As always, I walked away having learned valuable lessons.😁

Anticipation builds for my next Warhammer 40,000 slow grow endeavour. What will be next ? A glint of shining Gold Armor on the horizon hints at what's to come...😮🏆

THE END! 🙈🙉🙊

Thanks for reading!
Until next time - Peace😀✌️!

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