Find yourself! Giveaway of Gratitude #5. 5 HSBI. CLOSED!

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Find yourself!

I'm late with another giveaway, but the gratitude hasn't gone anywhere. I will continue to thank Hive and all its bees for as long as I can. And time shows that I can as long as I can write, communicate, and just be here!

Five weeks ago, I found myself here in gratitude and giving back. I really love giving and being grateful every day. It happens in harmony with myself, this world and this Hive world. There is nothing that inspires me more than that. It could be anything for anyone. Just find yourself! In life, in Hive, well, or just in the space you are in. Believe me, you will feel it. You won't miss it!

Today is the fifth round of my giveaway gratitude, and I'm glad so many people supported the idea and participated in my act of gratitude and gratuitous giving. I love you all as much as I love Hive! Let's continue this initiative, which inspires me and makes me happy. So let's get started!


As I wrote in the first post Giveaway of Gratitude. 5 HSBI. CLOSED!, I give every day and want to take it to Hive! The purpose of this next giveaway is to give back to Hive and its members my share of appreciation and love! This is a gratuitous giveaway. That is, if the payout for this post is 5.01 Hive, I will give away 6 HSBI! The only thing I get is your love and part of the Hive SBI (that's how HSBI works).

What is HSBI

HSBI is a social experiment that has grown into something bigger. I have read many posts and other information about it. In my opinion, it is worthy of both Hive and this world in general! If you don't already know what HSBI (Hive SBI) is, read this post: Hive SBI

Why am I leaning specifically toward HSBI? Because this value that I give away also stays at Hive. It also shows my love for this blockchain and everyone involved!


  1. Leave a comment below the post.
  2. Wait 7 days from the time the post is published.
  3. Bots and multi-accounts are not participating and will be tracked manually by me. That's what the 7 days are for.
  4. The five winners will each receive 1 HSBI.

It's simple, isn't it? If it is, then go for it! I'd love to see your love for the entire Hive community!

I will acknowledge all the past giveaway participants. If you're not interested in further mention, just let me know in the comments under the post and forgive me if it bothered you!

<sub>@ablaa @albator85 @albephotos @alex2alex @amaillo @anonymous02 @aphiel @arc7icwolf @arieruzzzz @assassyn @beststart @bitandi @blitzzzz @bombus @borniet @bradleyarrow @brando28 @ceekz @circlebubble @coquicoin @crazyphantombr @crazywrites6 @eddwood @edskymiguel @ekavieka @emeka4 @femcy-willcy @fernandoylet @ferod23 @flaxz.alive @fragozar01 @frankches @funshee @hafiz34 @henrietta27 @henruc @hollowins @hoosie @ifarmgirl-leo @imfarhad @jafo40 @jmis101 @katerinaramm @lheeshan06 @libertycrypto27 @linlove @lisamgentile1961 @littlebee4 @luizeba @mamaemigrante @marilour @marytabonita @mayt @mrenglish @mrhive001 @myothuzar @mypathtofire @naythan @nickydee @no-advice @nomaddreamer @nozzy @officialrosh1 @osomar357 @pero82 @phoenixwren @portal-xenna @prechidi @rcaine @rimurutempest @serhotest @sgbonus @shanibeer @sheikh27 @smariam @sukmhaske @synrg @tengolotodo @tokutaro22 @tommyl33 @treefrognada @tunikatu @tydynrain @vaynard86 @wittyzell @wrestlingdesires @yeckingo1 @zakludick @zestimony</sub>

Past giveaway winners:
@linlove, @jmis101, @treefrognada, @zakludick, @assassyn Congratulations, guys!

I'm glad for both your participation and the fact that I gave out my gratitude and love gratuitously, as I have done! I hope to continue this initiative with more gratitude, and do it on an ongoing basis! Congratulations again to everyone!

All the appreciation awards were sent out about an hour ago and should fly to you guys with my love! I loved that the first one on the list is @linlove . I'll take that as a sign that I'm doing it right! 😜💪 Here are my current HSBI figures ⬇️

Finding yourself is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It takes sincerity and desire, which is not present in the world of haste, money, and constant pressure. But finding ourselves is very important! We are nothing without it. Or we are just a toy in other people's hands...

Remember this! Peace!

That's all for now! Hive ON! We Are Alive!

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