Giveaway of Gratitude. 5 HSBI. CLOSED!

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Today I got level 100 in the Rising Star Game, and I want to celebrate by giving away 5 HSBI to five Hivians. That is, 1 HSBI each to 5 participants.


I practice gratitude and giving back every day. Now I want to implement this at Hive on a regular basis. When making money here, few people think about how many people are behind everything here at Hive. How many developers are working on new Dapps or new play2earn communities and games. How many bloggers are working to attract new users or bring attention to our blockchain. All we see now is the work that thousands of people have been doing, giving their time and energy to this in one way or another. Many of them were doing it for free in their spare time.

How can we bring that value back to blockchain Hive?

Do things that show your attachment to Hive! Show your accomplishments! Show what you do every day! Show the love! Maybe a few more people will understand you and your feelings and decide to go with you on this journey from redfish to Hive whale. Maybe someone else will get into this blockchain the way I got into it after the first post by one of the Hivians.

Do it and duplicate your actions in Web2.0! No one knows whose post and effort will work out in the end. But sooner or later it will work for sure! I'm sure it will. It just can't be otherwise when so much of the value that Hive brings to crypto, finance, players, writers, musicians has been unnoticed. The crypto community is getting huge and sooner or later everyone will be here. So why not be one of those who put in the effort?

Gratitude and giving back

This giveaway will really be pure giving, as a token of gratitude to Hive and Hivians.

What does this mean?

Giving means not asking for anything in return. And since we get payouts for our posts, I will definitely be giving more than that payout per Hive. So if the payout is for example 5.23 Hive, I will give away 7 HSBI. The only thing I will get back is your attention, my share of HSBI (that's how HSBI works) and maybe your willingness to give back the way I do! This is my thanks to this chain!

What is HSBI

HSBI is a social experiment that has grown into something bigger. I've read a lot of posts and opinions, but it seems to still be alive no matter what. If you don't already know what HSBI (Hive SBI) is, read this post: Hive SBI

Why am I leaning specifically toward HSBI? Because this value that I give away also stays at Hive. It also shows my love for this blockchain and everyone involved!


  1. Leave a comment below the post.
  2. Wait 7 days from the time the post is published.
  3. Bots and multi-accounts are not participating and will be tracked manually by me. That's what the 7 days are for.

It's simple, isn't it? If it is, then go for it! I'd love to see your love for the entire Hive community!

I will acknowledge all the past giveaway participants. If you're not interested in further mention, just let me know in the comments under the post and forgive me if it bothered you!

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That's all for now! Hive ON!

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