Hive: The Best Platform Since Three Years - Happy Hivepowerbday

I've been feeling so hyped for this day ever since I read the post from Sir Theycallmedan about Hive birthday, I was surprised to realize that I had not known about a birth date of Hive but instead I've been busy loving Hive since I joined last two years. It's been two years for me on this platform and I can't put in simple words how amazing it has been for me.

Hive has been the best platform since three years even though I joined two years ago, I have lots of proof to show that.

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Lol, I don't plan to show the proofs because having you read this post of mine is a good enough proof that you're still loving Hive like every other Hive user who have been here since three years ago. I could go on and on about how amazing Hive is but I'm sure we both know that would take a 3k word count and still not be enough lol.

But I'd like to add this... I joined up to five different blogging platform but Hive is the only one that I'm focusing on now. And that is because I discovered Hive to be the only platform with so much opportunities that you'd lost count on. I'm taking the opportunities one after the other, good thing is that Hive is still ongoing... More opportunities loading and more chances for the world to get in and enjoy Hive too.

Since I joined Hive, I've never been more serious with my Hive power as I have been since late last year and the growth has been super amazing. I have joined every power up event in this year 2023 winning power up day and power up month badges every month... I feel it's a great responsibility I have towards Hive and for myself as a Hive member, it's been all win-win for me.

So as regards to the initiative celebrating #hivepowerbday I have decided to be part of it by powering up 30 Hive. I've been powering up everyday since this year began, it's an honour to be able to do a bigger amount on this day thanks to Hive birthday celebration.


My power up amount isn't much but I'm more than happy to be joining in. And I'll invite anyone to be part of this as you'll not only get the chance to increase your Hive power for more curation rewards, you can also get a chance to win huge Hive delegations.

I celebrate Hive today... Thanks to all the teams and brains behind making Hive more amazing with their projects, thanks to every member who work hard to keep sharing quality contents and engagement around Hive and most especially, thanks for celebrating Hive in own way.

Spread the word, Hive is more than just a blogging platform and it remains the best platform since three years (I want to believe there's no argument here on your part lol). Keep celebrating Hive everyday with your contents, your investments and your love.

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Happy birthday Hive... Stronger at 3 and still growing!


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