HivePowerBday Initiative - 100K HP Delegations in Prizes


Hive's 3rd anniversary is coming up, and to celebrate, we want to invite you to join us on a Special Power Up Day. There will be prizes!

If you are new and are wondering what Powering Up is and why we have a day?

It is tradition now on our chain that on the 1st of each month, Hivers do a Power Up of the amount of liquid Hive they want to participate in the special day. By making a power-up, you are staking Hive. This is just a way to encourage the growth of the accounts and the amount of Hive Staked.

You can learn more about this on the blogs of @traciyork or @victoriabsb, the two hivers who carry the monthly HPUD (Hive Power Up Day) initiative.

Why Power Up?

1.- Your upvotes become more valuable.
2.- Earn more curation rewards.
3.- Earn interest for your Hive Power.
4.- You can delegate your Hive Power to curation projects and earn passive rewards.
5.- The more Hive Power you have, the more Resource Credits. This will let you do more transactions in the blockchain.
6.- You strengthen your influence on the blockchain.


Since Hive Anniversary is on the 20th, we will do a special Power Up Day on that date. All hivers are welcome to join this initiative!

Rules to be eligible for any of the prizes:

  1. Make a power-up of 10 HIVE or more on March 20th. Check out the time in UTC, so you don't miss the date.
  2. Make a "Happy Bday Hive" post and add the #HivePowerBday tag.
  3. Share your post on Twitter and other social media.
  4. Accounts must be older than one month of creation & have a reputation of 39 or more.
  5. Your account should have less than 25K Hive Power to qualify for the prizes.
  6. Be in good standing with the Hive community.

Picking the winners

We will pick the winners in live streaming through a random draft. Stay tuned for more information about this. The recording will be uploaded to

THE PRIZES! 100,000 HP in Delegations!

I'm sponsoring 50K Hive Power in delegations for a month, and along with me, @blocktrades has also agreed to sponsor another 50K in delegations for a month.

These delegations will be split between the winners as follow:

  • Two delegations of 25K HP each for one month.
  • Three delegations of 10K HP each for one month.
  • Four delegations of 5K HP each for one month.


Cover Image by @hivecreators

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