Community challenge- 2021 Hive highlight.

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Hello everyone😍

still In the spirit of Christmas , I hope you're all enjoying Christmas over there And I know that some are going to rock Christmas tonight, but don't forget the importance of the celebration, may the joy of Christmas never depart from you all.

what did I bring to the table tonight?

I'm going to answer that
quite some times now that I've been on hive and I think it is High time do to talk about what I feel like being an hiver, thank for the #hivehighlight for this kind of opportunity , before that, this is my first time posting to this community #lovinghive, and yes I'm loving hive 😊😊

I joined this blockchain blindfolded, not knowing what to do, but I said to myself, well these people are just human beings like me, me too I can always do better. I engaged more on the blockchain and I was getting the reward of my labor. well I got to know more About hive through my lovely families @dreemsteem, @shadowspub, @kenechukwu97, just to mention but a few. it's been an amazing journey all way.

my main highlight on hive.

There's are so many benefits of being an hiver. hive has helped me both morally and financially.

The moral aspect is about the knowledge I gained from other writers on this platform, talking about the financial aspect.

There was a day that I was in desperate need of money to sort out a particular thing, I don't want to disturb my mum about that nor anyone, then my mind flashed back to my hive engine to check some of the tokens I have there and behold it's enough for what I want to use it for, without delay I have to change it fiat to do the needful. hive serves as my saving grace at that moment and not only that day but some other days as well.

The people I came across?
as an hiver, I've come across new people that have impacted my life positively apart from the people I knew before joining hive, which I have mentioned before. with the moment I spent here, I came across @projectmamabg, I never regretted that I crossed your path, and I also come across @josediccus, and I cannot but appreciate him for his encouragement, I'm glad to cross your path. And I believe there are still some amazing people I will still cross their path in the long run.

This year 2021 has been a great time for me on hive and it's indeed a great privilege for me because there are still some people whose insight is not yet opened to this blockchain, so I always see it as a privilege.

Some moments , it seems as if my strength is washing away on the blockchain, the spirit of a writer in me began to fade away, and gradually the light dims, but I cannot forget those who come across to light up my lamp again, @dreemsteem have always been a light in my path, @josediccus, thanks for your support and encouragement, but there's a lot to say about that, maybe to write an post for another day), @kenechukwu97, my dokinta, thank you. You have all made my journey in 2021 on hive an amazing one.

Errrrrrrr, just my little highlight in 2021 on hive, and I believe that 2022 is gonna be greater than this, the future is secured with hive, you too feel free to participate in the challenge, by clicking on the link below......

2021 hive highlight
Have fun as you write.

thanks for your time.


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