DreemPort Marathon: Not JiuJutsu Hand Symbols

Hey guys, it’s been a sluggish couple of months lately, due to reasons you’re probably already aware of. I’ve been hearing about the dreemport marathon and at first, I wasn’t very interested, until recently I saw that most of my friends were actively involved in it. But it wasn’t really until last night when I got the just do it feeling, after seeing @nkemakonam89 talking about it in the city. Thanks to @merit.ahama and all the awesome members of team flash, I’m officially boarding ship now.

I love the group’s name btw, lovely choice. Aside the fact that the name was chosen to emanate the speed and efficiency the team will accomplish its goals on, the name also happens to be the name of my favorite superhero. Not that that’s very relevant in this regard:)

I’m honored to be a part of team flash and I wish I joined earlier because a lot of my friends are on this team. There are also a few new faces on the team that I’m looking forward to becoming friends with. Most importantly though, I joined this marathon (and team) so I can have fun and get my engagement back up. Seems I can’t do that on my own right now without some sort of obligation.

Interesting enough, I joined the marathon at just the right time. The current activity in the marathon is about hand symbols. I was wowed by the hand symbols I saw from the team, and I was particularly impressed by two entries.

I love @adetemi‘s Lotus Mudra and what it stands for. I’m not sure I get it entirely, but the hand symbol seems to be channeling energy (love) from within you and the sprout fingers are magnifying and shooting it out. As a bonus, I also think the name is classy. The hand symbol doesn’t look complicated either, so that’s another thing.

Another classy-named yet simple hand symbol is Olujay’s flash falcon. I like how he relates the speed of the falcon (air) to essence of the flash. If I was around early enough to vote, that’s probably where my vote would’ve gone. Myself, I would’ve added one hand sign of my own.

The Yin and Yang

Why the yin and yang?

Well, it represents the opposite forces that act together to keep the universe in balance. Light and Darkness, Night and Day, Water and Fire, Love and Hate, Chaos and Order, Life and Death.

It doesn’t really relate to the team’s theme (pun intended), but it’s just something I’ve been obsessed with recently and its hand sign is very basic to do too so... I don’t imagine many people in the team would’ve voted for it though, because maybe it sounds philosophical or something. Lol

Oh yeah and pardon how unprofessional it looks. The hand symbol was supposed to be formed with hands of two different people, but I haven’t been in an environment where I could use another person’s hand today, so I settled with myself and I.😂

It was either the yin and yang or jiujutsu hand symbols from Naruto or something. You know, anime freak style. But thank God I settled on philosophy and not anime, right?😂


@merit.ahama, @yahuzah, @olujay, @nhaji01, @adetemi, @vickoly, @abdul-quduus, @wallay, @omotife, @glorydee.

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