Inasmuch I love exploring other platforms, Hive still remains the best blogging platform in the world and so, talking about my 2021 Hive highlight is a task I must do happily.

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My decision to join Hive was/is the best decision I made this year because Hive is everything anyone can think of. It's a platform where you can socialize, have fun, learn and at the same time earn. Which other platform does this better? Certainly none. Hive sets the pace while other follows.

I joined Hive sometimes in May 2021 after a lot of procrastination. And even after registering, I still didn't take it serious because of what happened with the previous blogging platform I invested my all into. However, I was shocked when a friend showed me her withdrawal from Hive. That alone, motivated and reignited my passion for blogging in general.

I've noticed that whenever you tell someone about a platform, the first thing they would ask for is a proof or withdrawal, a proof that the platform really pays. From my story, you'd notice that it was only when I saw my friend's withdrawal that I was convinced to become focused and serious.

Its like if there isn't any proof that the platform pays, there isn't any way of convincing them. Truth be told, it has been hell convincing people to onboard Hive.

This problem became a thing of the past some weeks ago when I used my first earning to get a brand-new phone for my self. I have been having some issues with my phone which I wrote about sometimes ago as one of the challenges affecting my growth on Hive.
My dream phone
I had to struggle making posts and engaging with other authors on Hive. And so, when the price of Hive and that of proof of brain increased, I sold part of it to get a Redmi note 10pro phone. All thanks to the newbie initiative program organised by @starstrings01.
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Like I said earlier, you can only convince someone about a platform if you can show them a payment proof. And so, after getting my phone, I decided to organise a mini seminar to tell people what Hive is all about and reasons why they should be a part of the community (I might decide to share my presentation in a new post though).

Just like I expected, almost all of them asked the obvious question, but that was not a problem for me as I was able to bring out my phone and showed it to them as a proof. They were all amazed and most of them showed interest. Even though some are yet to register, I have this conviction that they will all come onboard before the end of the year.

Hive has changed my life and that of so many other persons. I am a living testimony to this and I would sure never regret taking this bold step of being part of this awesome platform.

Thanks for reading.

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