Have you ever wondered why there is day and night?" Well I have and that is because there was this time of my life when I so much enjoyed watching movies and I just wish that the night never comes, it should just be day all through the 24 hours and so on. Mind you, I'm someone that don't joke with her resting hours, I literally love sleeping right from the beginning, hehe. I remember the days when my aunt will always want us to rest in the afternoon instead of playing so our brains can rest a little bit from the studies after school but my siblings and I always prefer going to see a movie instead.


Then we had a TV but we only had music cassettes which we are already tired of seeing and since we hardly get electricity then, we loved going to our neighbors' to see a movie. That was the time when the series called Merlin was invoke, now you can understand a little while we prefer going for the movies than resting at home. This was the only time of my life when I did not like my sleep but then with time, I got to see the benefits of resting in the afternoon but unfortunately for me, it was kind of already too late. I now start having so many things to do that I even started having some nights when resting was a luxury that I couldn't afford.


But due to my undying love for my sleep, I tried as much as I could to go to bed once sleep set's in and now that is a problem for me, lol. Sleep is something that comes to me anytime at all, once I just feel like sleeping I start feeling sleepy and I'm the one who is now looking for a way to reduce my love for sleep. Most times because of my sleeping habits, I do feel like I'm the most laziest person ever. I could be doing something very important and before I know what's going on, I already slept off, it's really frustrating at times though but I'm still happy because I do know how hard it is for some people to fall asleep and I don't think I would prefer that.
Sleeping has so much benefits for me even though it is hindering me from achieving some things but like I said, I still prefer it. There are days when I'm feeling sad and lonely, the first thing I always love doing is listen to a good music which helps my mood and with time I start feeling sleepy and immediately I sleep off I think less. I've heard a couple of times that most dreams we have are as a result of the thoughts flowing through our minds, I'm not sure how true is that but it does happen to me. When I go to sleep after thinking about something for a long time without clearing it off my mind, I get these silly dreams that mostly get me worried but then that doesn't happen too often because I mostly like clearing off my head before going to bed.
Now I'm in a place where I shouldn't be sleeping more but I still end up sleeping even more but I know it is because of how stressful my day normally goes and how homey my place is, lol. I easily fall asleep at comfortable places and my place is just too comfortable for me but I don't have any where else to go to so I only have one option and that is for me to fight with nature which we all know is almost impossible but still possible, hehe, I'm holding on to the little possibility and I just hope I can reduce my sleeping because now I have an exam to read for and I will have to fight this sleep as much as I can.
So far, this is a little about my sleep story and I can keep this going but I will have to stop here so you don't get too bored here, hehe. This is actually a Challenge going on in the community and will be ending by weekend, so don't hesitate to share your sleep story with us too. @ksam I think you will have so much to share with us but I don't know if you will be chanced to give us the genesis to revelation if your sleeping life. You can get the full details of the post HERE.

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