Beer Tasting: Mc Chouffe Brune & Sierra Nevada BigFoot

Hello, beer tasters! 🍻 ğŸ˜Ž 🍻

In this heat, on the beach where I am right now, there's nothing better than chilling in the shade, looking out to sea, and lucky for me, it's #beersaturday, cold beer in hand.

I took two beers out of the fridge, one American, one Belgian, both dark :) yes, I took them with me to the seaside to taste them here on the coast.

Well, first the one with less alcohol.

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Mc Chouffee Brune

Brewed by Brasserie d'Achouffe (Duvel Moortgat), Achouffe, Belgium. Bottle, 0.33l, alcohol 8.0% ABV.

What do Master Brewers say?

Mc CHOUFFE is an unfiltered brown beer that is refermented both in the bottle and in barrels. Its fruity bouquet conceals a hint of bitterness.

First time tasting a beer from this brewery, we'll see what happens.
Belgian beers are special to me, I grew up in the lagers, and they always surprise me.

The beer is brown color, foam disappears quickly. It smells of roasted. The first sip goes quickly through and the rich taste of chocolate and coffee prevails.

Malty sweetness is at the forefront and hops bitterness is not pronounced. In the aftertaste, the sweetness of the malt remains for some time.

I have to admit that I was not impressed by this beer. I don't know, maybe it wasn't cold enough? In this extreme heat, it didn't cool me down as I expected. Too strong chocolate and coffee flavors?

This beer is not for the beach, I think. More for an evening with a meal? What do I know, I'll go for the next one.

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Did I say I was on the beach? This is one image edited in mobile Photoshop Express.

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Sierra Nevada BigFoot Barleywine-style Ale

Brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, St.Chico, California, USA.
Bottle, 0.33l, alcohol 9.6% ABV, 90 IBU.

What do Master brewers say?

Gold Medal Winner, Great American Beer Festival (Ales: Brown, Bitter and Pale 1987, Barleywine 1988,1992,1995). Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is an award-winning example of the English Barley Wine style. It boasts a dense, fruity bouquet; an extremely rich, intense, bittersweet palate; and deep, reddish-brown color. This ale is superbly balanced between an almost overpowering maltiness and a wonderfully bittersweet hoppiness.
Beginning Gravity:23 Plato, Finishing Hops: Cascade & Centennial, Dry Hops: Centennial, Cascade & Chinook, Bittering Hops: Chinook, Ending Gravity:6.0 Plato, Yeast: Top Fermenting Ale Yeast, Malts: Two-row Barley Malt, English Caramel Malt, Dextrin Malt

The Sierra Nevada is one of my preferred breweries. I taste many beers and more or less all were good.

Light brown, opaque, and a little foam. It smells of tropical fruits and hops. A sip goes down the throat, but not easily. The bitterness of the hops hits the throat as if I were drinking a double IPA.
It tastes of pineapple, cherries, caramel, and hay, with the bitterness dominating throughout. The bitterness lingers in the aftertaste for quite a long time.

I don't remember ever drinking a beer so distinctly bitter. 90 IBU (International Bitterness Unit) works wonders. Aged for at least a year (the cork says 2021, or even more), I sip it in small, short doses and the mouth is full of the richness of the flavors it has to offer. More for dessert than for thirst.

I understand that they have been awarded a prize for craftsmanship, but this beer is not suitable for normal drinking. 😁
Just my opinion, of course.

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And what I'm listening to when I write this? Well, nothing from my last #newtunes post.
You probably know the space summer hit by Daft Punk? It's summer. Here's a loop that lasts an hour :)

Daft Punk - Get Lucky

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Stay healthy and enjoy your beer!


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