Putting a floor down requires a beer

This past weekend I put down a new floor in my office ("Lab" we all call it.) Manual labour always calls for a good beer.


I'm super lucky as we have a great local craft brewer here in town. They are exceptionally community oriented and have based all their beers on local landmarks and in this case a local personality. I think it has really driven the adoption.

My favourite is their Pale Ale. I'm really partial to the IPA's and this one is exceptionally smooth. It has all the citrus tangs and the slight bitter after taste from the three different hops.


I enjoyed a "Chicken Man Pale Ale" while I laid the floor (see my Time to update the "lab" flooring post.)

The Chicken Man

When my wife and I first moved to the region, some twenty years ago, we would often see a man riding to and from town with a chicken perched on his bike. I kid you not. As the years wen on we would later find out that he lived at a scrap yard in our small hamlet and the kids had taken to calling him the Chicken Man.

He lived on his own and would ride everywhere with his chicken perched on his bike. The chicken's, "its a HEN! Not a chicken", he would often say to folks, name was Cluck-cluck. It baffled me as you would see his bike leaning on a post, outside a store, and there was that damn chicken - er, hen, sitting there waiting for him. Never saw it leave its perch.

At the end of the day we had our own legend around town. A harmless man, that never upset anyone. - thegeorgetownvault.com

Spending his days with his chicken - crap I mean hen. Everyone that grew up here, or has lived here and been a part of the community knows the Chicken Man.

Around 2010 he moved to London and unfortunately passed away there in 2013. He was 71 or 72. - thegeorgetownvault.com

Thus we now have, thanks to our local craft brewer, the Chicken Man beer and he lives on riding. RIP George knowing you live on in a mighty fine beer.

image: thegeorgetownvault.com - George Chaplin AKA-Chicken Man

Remember, Stay safe, stay healthy


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References: thegeorgetownvault.com

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