BeerSaturday: Tomato Gose Bull Heart by Pivot Point

Hello, friends! It's very hard to find interesting beers in our area. Kraft beer can be found only in a couple or three very overpriced stores, what is sold in supermarkets has long been tried, so I am always happy to discover and original flavors and it was a pleasure to receive a gift from my Moscow friends Tomato Gose Bull Heart from Moscow Pivot Point brewery, a winner of many prestigious awards.


When we vacationed in the Crimea I really liked the gose from Voronezh Tarkos Brewery's and I have an idea of what a tomato beer should be, and a couple of times during the New Year holidays we made micheladas at home to hang over after the noisy party.

Actually, the solo in this goza is tomato paste made from "Bull's Heart" tomatoes, a large fleshy tomato variety of Italian origin, the fruits of which are usually irregular in shape, contain less liquid and have a sour-sweet, rich flavor. In doing so, the brewers perfectly complemented it with three types of malt - wheat, barley and smoked, loaded it with smoked herbaceous hops and, to make the drink sparkle, garnished it with cayenne pepper.


The beer turned out quite dense, with a nice color and nice foam. The taste has the acidity of sour ale, tomatoes, spices, a little pickle, and as a connoisseur of spicy, I can't help but notice how mildly they added spice to the taste. Not extremely spicy, but a soft burning, which is pleasantly warm after a walk in the cold, and even better brings you to feeling and refreshment.

If I tried it in the hot summer, I'd probably definitely take a few cans with me to a BBQ - with hot fatty meat such a drink is 100% suitable and, among other things, having an interesting effect of "satiety" will not let you eat too much.

I would be glad to know how you feel about such "beer drinks" :)

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