BeerSaturday: Tarkos Brewery's Tomato Motato

Hello friends, I spent two weeks in the Crimea this fall, tried many local beers, but perhaps the most pleasant discovery for me was a tomato goze Tomato Motato from Voronezh brewery Tarkos, found in one of the small stores.

I had never seen such a beer before, and, of course, I was curious to find out what it was.


So the composition of this beer is wheat beer mixed with tomato juice, sea salt and coriander, and for spice, the brewers spiked it with cayenne pepper. Funny thing - the pepper is not recognized at first, but comes out on the aftertaste, which for me, as a lover of spicy food and sauces was a real joy.


It is worth saying - because of the tomato juice beer is very dense, so that a lot of it you can not drink and after a couple of bottles there is a feeling of fullness, but nevertheless, arranging a BBQ for friends, I took a few more bottles.

photo_2021-10-02_11-25-00 (2).jpg

The result surpassed all expectations - the beer evaporated on the coals, and the spices and tomato juice gave the kebab a fantastic flavor and softness.

In four days I drank 6 bottles, and hopefully in my city this beer will soon appear in the supermarket windows. Very tasty, unusual stuff, and a great excuse to discover new facets of taste.

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