Hi all friends!!!

On this occasion I want to write about Sports. In this afternoon I went to play ball as usual every afternoon. I went to the Bulog field after the Asar prayer because if I went earlier the people had not come. When I got there, I immediately put on my shoes and immediately took a short warm-up.

After warming up, I jogged around the field 4 times so that it would be better to play later and my weight started to increase, so I wanted to focus on losing weight. With activities every afternoon playing ball will make our bodies also become healthy and will avoid all diseases.

After jogging, I played a game for a while with my friends because we did this while waiting for other friends to come. About 15 minutes of playing the game, then people started arriving and we immediately played ball with a small goal. This is very good for exercising because it suits people who play football today.

Maybe that's all for this post, see you in my next post.


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