Indiaunited 2.0 - Active again with a lot more energy this time

Namasthe from the Indiaunited community. We hope everyone is doing good. It has been nearly two years since the community and the Discord server was active. There were several reasons for the same. We couldn't move forward due to various factors. To quote a few things:

  • We had a crypto ban in India where the government announced that cryptocurrencies will not be considered as legal tender.
  • The price of Steem and other cryptocurrencies dropped slowly and people lost interest.
  • We did not have enough investors and community leaders from India to drive this and many people lost hope.
  • Many Indian exchanges were closed and there were very few options to exchange crypto for INR.

Now the first good news is that Crypto is back in India. Though we still don't have any big exchanges yet in India, we do have options to trade crypto using peer to peer options provided by some of the exchanges. With this good news, we also wanted to reinstate activities on the Indiaunited community. We wanted to make a good start after we moved to Hive blockchain. The existing funds we had in the account have been moved to Hive now and we have also initiated a power-down on Steem to move the remaining funds to the hive.



Indiaunited Community is waking up again

Two years back this community was started on Steem blockchain by a group of like-minded individuals. We even came up with this name for a reason to unite all Indians on this blockchain. After a nice 2 years of sleep, we are back again with the same moto but this time with more new ideas for community development. Two years back we had a curation trail and an active discord server all the discussions and fun used to happen. Today we have over 700 members in our discord server where some are still very active. With this post, we would like to reinstate all the activities. Below are the plans to move forward:

Community Registration

We had a registration process earlier where people used to send 1 Steem with their details to get themselves registered with the community. Unfortunately, that was not a sustaining model for community growth. We have now introduced a new registration scheme where members should delegate a minimum of 100 HP to be a registered member of the community. All the registered members will get a Registered role on Discord. All the members with the Registered role will have access to the #post-promotion channel in the Indiaunited discord server where they can share their posts. The below steps can be followed to get yourself registered:

Step 1: Join Indiaunited discord server.

Step 2: Delegate a minimum of 100 HP to Indiaunited account.

You can visit #play-with-bots channel and use the command $india delegate 1000 to get a delegation link for 1000 HP delegation. You can enter any value as you desire and get the delegation link. The minimum is 100 and the maximum is anything.


There are also other ways by which you can do the delegation. Listing out some of the options below :

  • wallet page
  • Hive Keychain
  • wallet
  • Vessel wallet

I will let you figure out which will be the best way for you to delegate to Indiaunited account. Here are some handy links for delegations: 100HP, 250HP, 500HP, 1000HP. You can also delegate even more than that as 80% of the curation reward the community account gets will be shared with the delegators.

Step 3: Use the register command $india register <Your hive handle> in #play-with-bots channel to register. Please refer to the below screenshot to get more clarity.


Upon successful registration, the user will be granted with Registered role to get access to the post-promotion channel. The registered members can share their posts in the #post-promotion channel and it will be curated by the other community members. If the post is of great quality, the post will also receive a vote from the community account. Only the posts that have the tags - India, indiaunited, and hive-186042 will be accepted in the channel. Indiaunited bot in the discord server will take care of that.

What about newbies who do not have even 100 HP in their account?

Answer: Registration is FREE for them!

Yes, you heard it right. This is the important part. We provide free registration to members who do not have a minimum of 150 HP in their accounts. During the registration process, the bot will check if the member has a minimum of 150 HP and if their HP is below 150, they get a free registration. Please note that this free registration will only last for a limited period of time. As and when the newbie gradually increases their HP, they can delegate 100 HP or more to @indiaunited account as a token of giving back to the community.

Sharing the daily curation reward with the delegators

As Hive is based on proof of stake, the more HP we have in the community account, the more we will be able to curate and grow as a community. We would like to welcome new delegators to the community with an 80% curation reward share gained by the account in a day. The payout will be distributed every day and the share will be based on the amount of HP an individual delegates to the account. Yesterday we did a test run to distribute the rewards.


All the current delegators received the reward share for their delegations. The curation reward distribution is automatically done every day. The remaining 20% of the curation rewards every day will be used to grow the community.

Introducing manual curation

We used to have this earlier and we were having a channel on our discord for doing manual curation. The channel is back again and quality posts that are free from plagiarism and duplication and within the community guidelines will get a vote from the community account. In the current setup, all the delegators who have been delegating a minimum of 50 HP to indiaunited receive a vote from the community account. They were set as fanbase in This will be removed and a manual curation will happen every day. The registered members of the community will still have a high chance to get most of the votes.

We already have a few curators in our server who will be doing the curation and in the coming weeks, we will also be adding additional curators if required based on how much stake we get on the community account.

Community Curation Trail

Curation trail is a voting trail offered by We have an active curation trail for the Indiaunited community. Many members of the community have already joined the curation trail. It is not a mandatory thing to join the curation trail but if you would like to just follow the pattern of the community vote and not worry about voting individually, you can be a part of the curation trail. Please make sure you scale the votes based on the community's voting weight. If you leave it fixed, there is a high possibility that you can end up draining your voting mana.

That's it for now. There will be regular updates going forward from the community. United we stand. Let's all unite together to build the community together.

We value your contributions, feedback, and comments. If you think you can add any value to this community by any means, please contact us in discord server.


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