What in the Name : Call us #IndiaUnited

"What's in a name? Even we call a rose by any other name it would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare

We have started our motto under title #TeamIndia, however when we started our endeavuor , we came along similar name already exiting on steemit, so we have decided to call ourself #IndiaUnited a new name with same motto and zeal to Unite India on Steemit


Two months ago , two different groups on Discord decided to come together, with the motto to Unite all Indians together on Steemit platform, to work as a cohesive unit to work as a community. on 08-Nov-2017 TeamIndia formed which is now formally know as ## #Indiaunited and in our 2 months journey so far the team have made some exceptional achievement, namely:

  • Proudly saying we have started with few and within a period of 2 month we have hit the century and currently we have 102 active member in our Discord channel.


  • Even with minimum delegation, we have our Bot already running once in a day covering all post with #Indiaunited tags (Currently we covering TeamIndia tags but it will be removed shortly)
  • Our Curation team started to help each other on improvement and quality content
  • Our support function not helping Indian community but also giving all hand in promotion and development of Non-Indians
  • Our active member @face2face, @steemflow @bobinson @rainsa manually up voting all posts posted in the post promotion channel. (many fellow Indians also contributing regularly) setting the example for mutual understanding and mutual growth.
  • We have set up our footer, thanks to @jyoti-thelight for making a nice work

Cohesively, #Indiaunited is working as a core unit , our team consist of , developer, software expert, artist, authors and other qualified professionals, who always are ready and eager to help each.

We have just started we have miles to go, with still many to achieve on Steemit. Looking forward for more in 2018

United we stand, The more we Grow!! We are #Indiaunited



We request everyone to delegate as much as SP as you can to make the community rewards better... to #Indiaunited

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