The sudden dip in LEO token 🧐🔻 -99% for few minutes

Namaskar / Hello to all hive users, who will reach this post. I hope you are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it with your loved ones.

yes, this is true new hours back I did notice something strange in the Hive engine , I was stacking my Leo token and I did not find that in the forest page then I did a search of the Leo token from the search bar I did find it at the bottom of the page it was -99% at that moment I thought that was a mistake. I did refresh my page once or twice or maybe more not sure I was in shock for a moment.

I thought this can be a good opportunity to buy Leo at this time I can get a huge amount of Leo but I was around 10 minutes late and miss that huge opportunity. but I am sure there is something is wrong there still you can see the sell orders are at a really low price there are a few accounts who are trying to manipulate the price of Leo token you can check out from here leo.

I will share some screenshots that will make you slip on the ground 😵 yes I am not kidding you will see what just happened a few hours ago while most of us were sleeping and someone did get a profit of $8.6 k used in a few minutes. 😉 Lucky guy I would say you all are smart enough to investigate more on that own your own I am sure about that.

so are you guys ready for that 😐

Screenshot (1497).png

Screenshot (1498).png

Screenshot (1501).png

Screenshot (1502).png

so have you seen that 54931 Leo for less than hive yes that is true and now the value of 54931 Leo is approx $8.6 k. the guy must be yes very lucky today now you know who did that I am sure what were the real intentions of that person 🙃 but he did make a person rich 🤑 congrats man I am not tagging anyone don't want to annoy him/her by that.

I am trying to offend anyone by just sharing my thoughts here, what do you think about this?

The image is captioned by me on the website imgflip, have a look,

This is just made for fun, I am not really making fun of anyone.

I have made this meme on the website imgflip, feel free to join that amazing platform and make your own meme for free 😁

Thanks a lot for staying till the end 😃🙏, let me know what you think?

Never forget one thing you should be grateful for because what you have someone has a dream of that. So learn to be grateful. Be Thankful. 🙏😀

Thanks a lot for being here, let me know what you think.


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