Luizeba's Pizza Guild HashKings Harvest Report #011

🌿 Finally, we're back in the harvesting business! 🌿


Finally, we're back in the harvesting business!

Hello everyone!

Finally, we're back with the HashKings Harvests! Last week I've received the new delegations from the Pizza Guild, and yesterday I was able to harvest the first batch of good old ganja in a long time!

Last week I planted 15 Colombia Gold seeds on my South America Land Plots.To water all these Seeds, it took 8,400 HKWATER.

Now I was able to harvest it all, for a total of 4,220 BUDS!

1,100.00 BUDS were sent to the 🍕PIZZA Guild🍕 as Guild Fees, and the rest of the 2,568.30 BUDS went straight to my wallet!

For the next week, I just planted, again, a batch of 15 Colombia Golds!


Source: AZOLifeSciences

I'll keep up with my strategy of saving up the $BUDS in order to buy my own land plots. I'm thinking about investing in a more expensive, valuable plot in Afghanistan so I can manage the harvests easier and with less clicks.

Wish me luck on this next season!

Thanks for reading this post, and until the next Harvest Report!

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