CCC's Street Art Contest #58 - 2019 Shoreditch

Good evening
Hive StreetArt community

it's @trippymane with the usual #StreetArt post
for @digi-me's CCC Street Art Contest

I think I missed one or two entries 😰 I have been extremely busy with work and I just barely managed to keep up with my Graffiti Lettering Contest, if you want to have a look you can do here in the 3rd Official Voting Post for the 3rd Contest Run and make sure to drop some votes! 😁 (Next round will be posted on the 30th of September or 1st of October)

Let's get down to business! Today's selection is from the usual Shoreditch spot, this time from 2019, February!

5 pure Graffiti just the way I like them!

Let me know in the comments which one you like the most!

Main Entry for Contest


I selected this simply because it's my favourite out of this lot!

Extra Pictures



This is my second favourite piece!



And this one has some banging colors IMHO!

All pictures taken with my OnePlus 6T the 5th February 2019 in Shoreditch - London, the same place of my other posts basically LOL I lived there for like 3 years so you can imagine how many pictures I have taken in that particular spot (I used to walk back from work through that area)

Thanks for checking out

Good luck to all the participants!

Peace! 😎


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