[Voting Post] - Graffiti Lettering Contest #3 (HOME) (3 votes)

Hello HIVE & STREETART Community
Hope you all doing all right
Welcome to the third voting post for
The Graffiti Lettering Contest


Shout out to @failingforwards for providing us this nice header for the meantime! Really appreciated! Thanks a lot!

I'm planning to do an official "Graffiti Lettering Contest" graffiti as a main logo at some point, but if anyone feeling fancy giving it a go or doing some digital art for it feel free to do so and I'll be happy to have a look and maybe use it as our main logo!
So get creative people 😎

I will post here a list of people who I think could appreciate the contest, people who helped and supported me in the idea and friends. I will also add any future participants and winners.
I will do this also as a reminder, I personally appreciate it when I get tagged in contests that I usually participate in, but if anyone prefers not to get tagged please let me know and I will remove your name from the list.
Let me know also if you want to get added to this list! Cheers

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Voting Post Overview

The word I did choose for this entry was HOME and I must say that I loved all the entries and they all were really creative! Keep up the good work everyone! 😎 Also we had 4 participants so we are back to the default 3 votes!

Thank you @ran.koree, @digi-me, @yems and @mimi05 for your entries! Hugely appreciated and enjoyed!
Wonderful Job guys! Keep it UP 😁

So choose your 3 favourite entries and comment under this post, either tagging the 3 participants or simply writing down their username!

Contest Entries can be found scrolling down the post!

Voting Rules

  • Everyone can vote (not only the participants)

  • 3 votes per person

  • Voting open until post expiration (7 days)

  • Comment under this post either tagging or simply writing the username of the 3 participants you want to vote

I will skip the Contest Rules and Contest Overview in this Voting Post, for anyone interested you can check them in the contest post.
The rules and overview will be present in our next Contest #3 next week so no trouble. (I will just skip them in the Voting Posts.)

Contest Entries #3 (HOME)

Posted following chronological order of entries





Personal comment: Big up Bro! Love the style and you smashed it with the little house in the O! This gotta be one of my favourites ahaha I just like it so much ðŸĪĐ The best of luck!





Personal comment: Rispetto vero qui bro! Sono super contento di aver un vero e proprio artista di graffiti nella mia competizione e devo dire che con le tue skillz hai alzato il livello della competizione di parecchio! Mi fai quasi venire voglia di partecipare nel contest attivamente! Big up ancora e buona fortuna! 😎





Personal comment: Respect for doing the gradient being color-blind, this is some dedication that really makes me happy and proud of running such a contest! Thanks for raising the level of the competition! Love the Keyhole, super creative bro! 😎 And the bubbles are definitely fine bro, don't stress yourself over them ahaha I repeat your skillz are raising the level of the contest, so chill out and be ready for the next one! 😎





Personal comment: Thanks for the participation and I must say that it was a great surprise for me! You are officially the third girl to have participated in my contest and I would have never expected it! ahah I don't know maybe I have rarely seen a girl do graffiti so maybe I just thought of it always as a guys thing ahaha But it's not and you're here to prove it! 😎 Big up and I love the bricks style and really happy to have a new member in the competition! The best of luck and Big Up for the super drawing! 😎
I hope that seeing your participation our other 2 girls will get back in the contest eheheh (@brittandjosie & @moon-city I am talking about you two eheheheh ðŸĪŠ)



Our friend @heroldius choose to not participate this week but he practiced a bit and I think this deserves to be shown and credited with an honourable mention 😎 You will get 1 HIVE for your work bro and hope to see a proper participation soon! 😜 Cheers and big props to you!



  • 100% of the liquid payout of the contest post will be used for the prizes!

  • 1st place 50%, 2nd place 30% and 3rd place 20%

  • Three honourable mentions will be each given 1 HIVE from me 😎

Liquid Payout (#3 Contest Post)



I don't know why but this time the liquid payout was 1.187 HIVE and 1.1226 HBD, usually it's only HBD, as you can imagine this confused me a bit and it took me a bit longer to calculate the right percentages... LOL (I spent 5 minutes on it and my brain hurt lol Who could have imagined that maths can be that difficult ahahahahah joking obviously xD but yeah it was fun ahahaha I did it manually rather than using a software or something, the old way is the best way! LOL)

Shout out to #StreetArt community for giving me the space to host my Contest in their community! One Love! 😎

Everyone make sure to check out The Street Art Community

PS: If you like graffiti and have some nice pictures of some, there is this other great contest that involves graffiti hosted by @digi-me that it's defo worth checking out!

Let the Voting begin...

Good Luck to everyone!

Thanks for checking out!


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