The Forge Arena! - P2E FPS I wish I knew earlier!

Hello Guys!

It has been a while since I've been here with you, I got vere busy these times! However, a good son always return home, and today I have something very special to share with you guys! It's a game called "The Forge Arena", and I liked it so much man, I'm already addicted to it 😂.

In the last couple of days doing my own researches, I joined WAX blockchain for I think it's a hell of a deal for the future (no financial advise haha). And that's when I found out about Forged. So far, it has been the only game on that blockchain wich I had success in my earnings!

The Gameplay

Image taken from Yuppy's footage ingame! I don't have videos now, so why don't you show him some love?

I have been playing the 10-man queue mode! And it is very cool man, the first team to reach 10 points in a match win! There are 5 players on each side, a blue and a red team and a bomb. And a round is won with an ace or a successfull bomb detonation.

We have plenty of guns to choose from, although I mostly play AK-47 and Sniper. They're price in game is fair, so even a new FPS player like me can find his way through! Although our Forged community is filled with very skilled players!

Speaking about the community man, it's a very cool one.. They always respected me even though I'm still not a good player, and that's one reason why I keep coming back for the game 🙂. Good people, nice game and tokens! What else could I ask for?

Live/Upcoming Tokens & Staking

There are so many cool features in the game, but I think one of the most interesting one is the fact of the WAX blockchain integration. The token we earn in this aweasome game is called $SCRAP, and it's traded trough Alcor Exchange for WAX. Every match gives you an amount of $SCRAP, and even more if you conquered objectives, got kills or assists! So it's fair enough with players wich plays best!

You can then trade your WAX in any exchange you like, or stake your WAX (just like we do here in hive). Staking WAX gives you more access to the platform itself, as there they do not use your PC to farm, but instead use the amount of WAX staked. Also, you can get some earnings proportionally with your stakings.

This is my amount of staked WAX, into each resource, this ammount is going fine to me, and I'm able to play all games I want without problems.

The amount you stake, represents one fraction of the blockchain RAM, CPU and NET, and that will let you do many more transactions per day in any game of the chain you like. So playing forge, you can actually credit your WAX wallet for using, without putting money from outside, or even start out new projects buying nfts on Atomic Hub as they're not expensive.

How To Join?

Alright so first of all, we need to create you a WAX wallet and that can be done here. You'll need to fund your wallet with 5 WAX (approximately $0.50 USD) wich is very few to enjoy all that this game has to offer! There are many ways to cash in this amount, and the process is really self-explanatory and easy..

After that you have to grab yourself any NFT from forged! Wich is also very easy, and cheap. So hop in to Atomic and grab yours! The cheapest at the moment being only $0.35 USD. Alright so now we already have access to the game!!

By the way, this is my frag Nade I bought haha.

At this point you can already play deathmatches, but this depends on the amount of active players and at sometimes there aren't enough! But don't be desperate my friend, for we have the 10-man queue going on all day! 😂 From Forge Site you can create your account with your wax wallet and Join Discord for the 10-man.

Once you're on Discord you have to enter the Honeycomb Channel, to confirm that you're actually not a bot, and that is done by getting the Honeycomb(Discord) on Atomic Hub. It costs only $0.65 USD, and it's only made once. Then, you'll have access to our beloved 10-man channel.

This is the one we're looking for

So we spent $1.50 USD total? Well I payed it, and in my first day playing, I was able to almost get 2x ROI. The queues are made via discord, so don't forget to join "H-channel" and click join queue 😉.

Wrapping UP

I have tested a lot of Blockchain FPS games lately guys trust me, and The Forge Arena is by far the coolest, and gave me a return. With only 1 of the 4 tokens being live, others set to launch in the future, I'm sure this game will grow bigger and bigger..

At the moment, I have not met other Brazilian players in the game, but the community is filled with a lot of players from the whole world! I invite you guys to join me in this fantastic game, and my brazillian fellows @legalizabrazil @matheusggr to meet me there! My in game username is rafapqh.

If anyone needs help configuring or joining, please add me on Discord so I can help.. Yami Yugi#8905. If you guys like the content, I have many more to share on this game, about guns, map locations etc.. So if you want to, leave me a feedback.

That's what I had for today guys, hope you guys liked it, and a great weekend for us all! Stay safe, ❤️

@str33tl1f3 #thgaming


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