[Splinterlands] Three Combos to BEAT the Silver and Gold Leagues!

Discover powerful Wombo-Combos to farm dozens of Reward Chests on the Silver and Gold Leagues!!


As you already know, for the last few weeks we had a new Ranked Reward System in place. You can read in details on this official Splinterlands post.

The most important part of it is: the amount of Reward Chests that you can earn, per day, is directly proportional to the amount of matches that you win. The more matches you win, the more Reward Chests you get.

This was a huge change when compared to the old system, considering that had a limit on the daily amount of chests. You did your Daily Quest (usually winning 5 matches with a specific Splinter), you received a fixed amount of Chests depending on your Rating. Easy peazy.

Now, there isn't that limit anymore. If you can win more matches, you'll earn more Rewards. Players, now, are incentivized to win more matches.

The usage of "meta" cards spiked.

Players began to use the famous "Wombo Combos": strategies that are easy to execute, but at the same time very powerful.

Wombo Combos, of course, cannot be the only trick up your sleeve, because both they are very limiting in terms of gameplay and, because of Splinterlands' interchangeable rules due both the Mana limit and dozens of Rulesets, they often cannot be used in a specific match. For example, you have a Wombo Combo with Magic Monsters, but you end up in a match in which you can't play Magic Monsters...

Nonetheless, Wombos Combos are an easy way for players to discover powerful strategies, as well as allowing them to obtain many Reward Chests.

Also, before starting out, let's remember about the Level Limits on both Silver and Gold League:

Silver League

Common: Level 5, Rare: Level 4, Epic: Level 3, Legendary: Level 2


Gold League

Common: Level 8, Rare: Level 6, Epic: Level 5, Legendary: Level 3

OK! So let's take a look at some good Wombos Combos to use on the Silver and Gold League!

Also, an important but obvious disclaimer: all values depicted on the post are from the market of the time of writing, 06/july/2022. I can't predict the prices of the future, and they'll change.
Also, at the time of writing, 1 DEC is worth 0.00059 USD, or 1000 DEC = 0.59 USD.

Forest Splinter: Lv.1 Scarred Llama Mage + Lv.1 Kron the Undying

Rental Cost (per Day): 45 + 35 = 80 DEC

Purchase Cost: 180 + 70 = 250 USD

OK! Let's talk about the elephant in the room. Or, in this case, about the Llama.

Llama + Kron is probably the most popular and infamous Wombo-Combo of Splinterlands, and for a good reason.

First and foremost, as it only uses Level 1 cards, you can use this card in any League, without limitations in terms of minimum card Level.

It also involves only two cards with a total Mana cost of 18, being really easy to fit in the huge majority of the Rulesets and Mana Limits.

It's infamy comes from the fact that it's incredibly difficult, almost impossible, to beat this combo when you're a Silver player. Even against Gold players, with high leveled cards, it's still a very difficult combo to beat in the majority of the situations.

The combo is very, very, VERY simple: play Scarred Llama Mage as your summoner and put Kron the Undying in the last place of your team. Llama gives the Last Standing ability to all your own Monsters, multiplying all the stats of the Monster by 1.5x if that Monster is the last one alive in your team. When Kron becomes the last Monster alive, he'll trigger the Last Standing ability, becoming an almost-invulnerable 18 Health, 6-Health Self Heal per round, 5 Magic Damage beast.

The main weakness of this combo is Sneak damage: as you'll be playing Kron as your last Monster in order to make him be the last one alive, he'll be highly susceptible against Sneak Monsters. Before the activation of the Last Standing ability, Kron is only able to heal 3 Health per turn, being easily overwhelmed (and killed) by a combo of two or three different Sneak Monsters.

One way to try to overcome this weakness is playing a Level 3 Flesh Golem, that also has the Self Heal ability. You can put him in the 2nd or 3rd place of your team and, in the case that the enemy goes with a Sneak-heavy strategy, all Monsters being the Golem will end up dead and the Last Standing ability will trigger on him. He's not as powerful as Kron, but he'll be able to pack a punch and heal himself by a good amount. Also, the Golem will be useful in matches in which you can't play Kron, like on the Rulesets Lost Magic and Up Close and Personal

Fire Splinter: Lv.1 Yodin Zaku + Lv.2 Ferexia General + Lv.3 Fire Beetle + Lv.3 Lava Spider + Level 3 Mantoid

Rental Cost (per Day): 46 + 20 + 0.3 + 0.2 + 11 = 77.6 DEC

Purchase Cost: 240 + 17 + 3 + 0.5 + 5 = 265.5 USD

This is one of my favourite Combos nowadays, being extremely powerful without being cheesy like Kron+Llama.

Yodin Zaku is one of the strongest Summoners in the game, giving +1 Ranged Attack to all your Monsters and the Blast ability, increasing the damage output of your ranged Monsters significantly.

Not only that, but all the Monsters suggested here have the Snipe ability, which combos and empowers the Blast from Yodin. When a Ranged Monster attacks the enemy tank, the Blast will only trigger once, damaging the 2nd enemy Monster. But, with the Snipe ability, your Monsters will usually be attacking some enemy in the Backline, allowing Blast to trigger twice!

Twice the Blast trigger, twice the damage.

This combo is weak against Armor-heavy Monsters that can soak the Ranged damage. Monsters with Protect like Venari Wavesmith, Truthspeaker or Queen Mycelia are its Achilles' heel and, to be honest, there isn't much to be done to bypass this problem, aside from hoping that the Snipe ends up focusing the Protector!

As this combo involves lots of different cards and they're mainly fragile ranged Monsters, it's also more susceptible to weird rulesets (like Noxious Fumes and Earthquake) and small Mana limits. You'll have to adapt the strategy, or even abandon it for those matches.

Also, you'll need some strong Tank in order to defend the rest of your fragile, ranged team. Some suggestions would be the classic Living Lava or the allmighty Magnor.

Life Splinter: Lv.3 Lorna Shine + Lv.3 Silvershield Assassin + Lv.3 Silvershield Knight + Lv.4 Feral Spirit + Lv.4 Stitch Leech + Lv.2 Uraeus

Rental Cost (per Day): 23 + 2 + 1 + 2.5 + 0.4 + 1.2 = 30.1 DEC

Purchase Cost: 97 + 15 + 5 + 11 + 3 + 0.5 = 131.5 USD

The Sneaky-Sneaky Combo! The allmighty Kron+Llama Killer! The Backdoor Strategos!

As the Life Splinter doesn't have a Summoner that gives a buff to Melee Monsters, this combo is built around Lorna Shine, an affordable Summoner that gives Divine Shield to all your Monsters, protecting them from the first attack they receive.

The second piece of the strategy is the Silvershield Knight due its Inspire ability, giving +1 Melee Attack to the rest of the team.

The third and last piece of the combo is, obviously, the whole Monsters with Sneak: Silvershield Assassin, Feral Spirit, Stitch Leech and Uraeus. The strongest of them is the Assassin due the Double Strike, but both the Feral Spirit and Stitch Leech are really cheap in terms of Mana and, thus, should be prefered in really low Mana matches.

The idea of this strategy is that teams aren't built to specifically counter a heavy-Sneak strategy. After all, the chances of an enemy using a Sneak Combo is way lower than the enemy using ANY other strategy in the game. Thus, when you play several Sneak Monsters and buff them with Inspire, they'll become a killing machine, quickly destroying the enemy backline.

Similarly to the Yodin Zaku Combo, this strategy is also weak against Armor and the Protect ability. Also, lots of players like to play Monsters with Thorns, like Djinn Chwala and Cursed Windeku, in their last place exactly to counter Sneak Monsters. If the enemy does that he'll, unfortunately, end up killing half your team.

You'll also need a Tank to defend your Sneak Monsters. I usually like to play, as my first tank, the Shieldbearer on high-Mana matches and the Chaos Knight in low-Mana matches, and the Silvershield Knight as the secondary tank, as he has reasonably good Health and Armor.

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