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Hello world and fellow Hivers

I am hoping that each of you had a great weekend so far and you relaxed a little bit. I know I did and of course, on weekend I've got plenty of time to play some battles and to write some lines for some of them. Today we are going to review another episode of Tales from Silver, which means we are going to review a battle that meets the criteria for the Share your Battle Challenge from Splinterlands! The theme for this challenge is the Dragon Class and I believe that I chose a very interesting battle for you! I hope you will enjoy it!


The Battle

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Summoner Selection

We need to choose a summoner from the Dragon Class and many of you would think that why the hell did you choose Kretch Tallevor from all of the wide variety of choices. The reason is simple guys and it's not for the low mana cap, the main reason is the ruleset Silenced Summoners. When I face this rule, I usually use summoners like that one with low Mana cost and probably way cheaper than the majority.


  • Silenced Summoners: Summoners do not give any stat buffs or debuffs or grant/use any abilities.


Team Formation

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The first monster I chose for the tank position is Sea Monster, obviously the reasons were the overall stats of this card and for the ability Heal. As you can see I am focusing all of my focus on damage at the first position of my opponent, so that means I needed a high attack monster and try to penetrate my opponent's formation from the first position.


The monster I placed in the second position was Djinn Oshannus, I really like playing this card against Mage attack formations. I saw my battle history from my opponent and that he used regular magic attack cards and I couldn't miss playing this legendary with the Void ability. Also, his high speed makes it ideal for the possibility to encounter some range or melee attack monsters! So I think you can't really say that this card could be a bad choice!


My choice for the third position was Venari Wavesmith and I've said that a lot of times in my previous posts but I will tell it again that the value of this card is incredible! One of my favorites for sure because of the ability to Protect! This ability surely has a great value when you are facing Melee/Range attack formations but you can use it in hybrid attack situations!


My fourth pick was Naga Assassin, to be honest, I chose this card because I had 2 mana excess and this was a solid option. The high speed is what I like the most in this card and its cost has pretty decent stats.


The card I chose for the fifth pick was Fire Spitter and the reason was the really good stats, especially Speed and the Attack! I think it's an excellent damage dealer but you should really play it at level 3 because it gains one extra attack. Also, it has the ability flying which you can find useful on certain occasions!


Axemaster is my final pick for this formation and as you can clearly see this is my main damage dealer and probably one of the MVP candidates 😂. One of the best damage dealers from the range attack monsters, surely one of my favorites and I must say that this card has played a significant role in winning a lot of games! The stats of course are pretty good even from level one but the Double Strike ability is the game changer. I highly recommend using this card!


Watch the Action!

Now you can see the battle below without having an account at Splinterlands! If you want to see the battle at the game, I will leave a link below! I hope you will enjoy the battle and if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment!

  • Here is also a link for the battle on the Splinterlands platform: LINK


Thank you for reading

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