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Hello world and fellow Hiveians

I've taken a break the past week because we are currently on holiday and I took that opportunity to go on vacation with my loved one, so I couldn't keep up much with the platform and the games I play. But after that refreshing time, I want to let you know that I am going to come back with much content! Today we are going to review one of my ranking battles and especially how to deal with the Up Close and Personal Rule! Also, we are going to use one card that I received from my latest reward chest! Before we continue further I want to say in this part that I'm trying to find a game from my daily grind each week and present it to you here and the reason for that is always to give you ideas on how to deal with certain situations in the ladder. Also, the initiative is the Social media Challenge from Splinterlands and our goal is to promote the game in a fun and instructive way and to bring more engagement to the game on the Hive platform! I will try to explain what is this crypto game with a few words! If you are familiar with the game skip this part! So if anyone is new here and doesn't know what the game is about let me explain it to you. Splinterlands is a play to earn a game in the NFT world. The game operates in the Hive blockchain and it is a trading game genre! To put it simply it's a card game that whenever you win you earn DEC (basically the crypto-coin of the game), the more you play and you are going up in the ladder, the more rewards you get (such as NFT-cards, etc). If you want to join and take a taste of the game, you can do that for free but if you want to start earning DEC and grind for NFT cards and more rewards you must buy the Summoner's Spellbook. I totally recommend starting your journey today and to help you with that we are going to review today one battle for my daily ranked games!


The Battle

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Summoner Selection

I choose the Dragon summoner Daria Dragonscale because we are going to need to deal a lot of Melee damage to our opponent! Other good options for the formation we are going to use today are ZINTAR MORTALIS, CRYPT MANCER, WAKA SPIRITBLADE, ARCHMAGE ARIUS, CAMILA SUNGAZER, and BYZANTINE KITTY. You should keep in mind that you can alter some choices with better ones if you have a larger collection! I am trying to show you one approach for a specific battle!

Mission: Use Monsters only with a Melee attack

  • Up Close and Personal: Only Monsters with Melee attack may be used in battles
  • Basic Strategy: Whenever you face this rule, the way of dealing with this depends on the Mana Cap. In this situation, we are going to play around with one monster!


Key cards

We are going to build our entire formation around this legendary monster. The monster's name is Harklaw and it's perfect for this situation we are going to deal with! Its stats at the level are 2 Damage, 2 Speed, 3 Armor, and 9 Health. Also, this monster got the Shield ability, if you don't know this ability reduces the incoming melee and ranged damage. I recommend playing this monster in combination with a monster with Demoralize or with a summoner to reduce melee damage for the opponent's team! One problem with Harklaw is the high mana cost of this monster and you can't really use it if you have a low mana cap.

Team Formation

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  • The first monster I used in this battle was Harklaw, it's our main tank and as I said before the monster we are building around our whole team.
  • The second monster I used is Twilight Basilisk, the reason was the Reach ability and its good stats.
  • The third pick was Maggots with the useful Opportunity ability and I choose that because I wanted to harass my opponent's weak monsters.
  • Fourth pick was Undead Badger, the reason is that the cost is too low and it has decent stats.
  • Disintegrator is the last monster and the reason is of course is the ability Demoralize.


Watch the Action!

Now you can see the battle below without having an account at Splinterlands! If you want to see the battle at the game, I will leave a link below! I hope you will enjoy the battle and if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment!

  • Here is also a link for the battle on the Splinterlands platform: LINK


Outcome of the Battle & Rewards from Daily chest

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I managed to win this battle because of the co-work of Harklaw and Disintegrator.

2022-04-13 (7).png

I wanted to share this chest with you because I was very excited about my third Legendary monster! It was my first copy of Harklaw and I wanted this really bad for a long period of time, so I'm feeling blessed!


Thank you for reading

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