Scrap Giveaway #123 [TerraCore]

Welcome to my Terracore Giveaway.

The prize for this giveaway will be 15 Scrap for 1 winner, to participate in the giveaway you will only need to leave a comment on this post and that's it, you will be automatically participating in it.

Scrap is Terracore's main token and with it you are able to upgrade and unlock planets within the game. Scrap is essential for you to progress and increase your earnings.

If you are willing to start your journey in the game then you can access it through the link: Terracore

Terracore is a Blockchain Hive game and it is not Free, you will need to pay a $10 Hive fee to become a citizen and start playing.

A little about the game:

Welcome to TerraCore, the world has been ravaged by a catastrophic event known as the Great Upheaval. This event caused the destruction of much of the world's infrastructure and natural resources, leaving humanity to scavenge for scraps in order to survive. As a citizen of TerraCore, you must mine for valuable SCRAP, which is the new currency in this post-apocalyptic world. Use your SCRAP to upgrade your land claim and defend it from other citizens who will stop at nothing to steal your valuable resources. Can you build a thriving community and defend it from the dangers of TerraCore?

I hope you have a good journey in Terracore and I also wish you luck in this Giveaway.

  • The program I will use to select the winner is Random Comment

  • The winner will be announced in the next Giveaway.

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