THGaming Brawl Reports - May 17th 2022


THGaming May 17th, 2022 Brawl Report

In this post, I will present the main highlights of our 2 top guilds. I am also bringing great battles of our best brawlers, including tactical analysis and tips that increase your WinRate % (as it will be very important for the nexts seasons due to changes to the reward system. For more information you can have a look to the great work done by @rosiew with the minutes of the Town Hall. They are a must to understand where this wonderful game is going!

THGaming Brawlers

As all of us we could suspect, the Harlem Globe Troters of the brawls have returned to their edge of glory, winning their brawl by 12 victories. They are cracks of this game, fill frays in great coordination and their effort is turned back by almost a Gladius case per battle.




Our gold tier brawler @jim-crypto shares with us an example about how to face an Earthquake brawl with gold foils. As I never get tired of talking about, gold frays are really important ones because it's difficult for the clans to cover them and they become points that you win directly to your rivals (you take the point and the opponent guild doesn't). He took the victory thanks to 2 factors:

  • Summoner chosen Kelya proved to be much better for Earthquake one, providing one extra Earthquake shock thanks to his +1 Armor.
  • Gargoya covering team He chose a front cover Ram for the front and a Pelacor bandit in the back. Also the tank managed to make some damage to enemy's Pelacor Deceiver. Great point from our Leader! Enjoy



@denboxieval29 shows us a great battle planned to succeed in this one. He planned a huge damage absortion with Grum, that could hold the line until Chimney could jump in in this Silenced & Broken Arrows one. These were the key factors:

  • Huge damage absorbed Grum took all his 15 damage before being slayed buying an enormous and precious time for the reset of the army.
  • Spirit hoarder da boss I love this creature. It can frustrate every attack on the back of your team as it does in this battle. Tenyi stopped and also contributed to damage in the front for 3 mana. Just epic.
  • Chimney the snowballer These two previous points brought us to an epic performance of Chimney. After a couple of misses he decided to take things serious and bring the point home. Enjoy
THGaming 1

Unfortunately we weren't as luckyer as in our past brawl and we enden 4ths at only 2 victories from the second place. As I often say, brawls are decided in details and we will do our best to improve our marks since the next one. I bring you some interesting reports!




In the first report that I bring from my performance I faced a Back to Basics and Odd ones out. In this kind of battles it's important basic points: the absolute ammount of resistance of your tanks (armor + health) and the added fire power. I managed to destroy an Owster thanks to this 2 factors

  1. Stronger tank: I called my Carnage Titan for the main tank role and he could manage absorbing tons of damage before falling. Great work guy!
  2. I had a better AD represented by Liza. In this kind of battle conditions is very important to place your greater ad carry in the back as she has all the time to do maximum damage. My oponent chose Dhampir to stay advanced from Lira and this caused less damage overall. I hope u Enjoy!


In my second and last one I bring you a Reverse Speed one with just a mistake made from my part selecting Ooze when I should have picked whatever else but not Ooze. I will miss Ooze so much in modern as it's a default pick up for one mana election, but never in Reverse Speed! Although I made this mistake I managed to take the victory thanks to this factors:

  • Lava as a great option one of the best tanks for reverse speed. Just love that creature. Antoid Platton has taken him some battles but he is a great option.
  • Sneak / Snipe support Spirit hoarder is a master in frustrating enemy plans of taking weaker creatures first. He covers positions 2 to 6 from your army masterfully. I love this creature and even more with Tarsa. People is not used Red Summoner getting some healing.
  • Worm the Ripper I love this creature. I love all the work it does from me. He is a master of reverse Speed. In his first two turns he took enemy Dhampir and Lira. All said. Hope you enjoy!



Finally, @amaillo brings what looks a simple battle plan executed brilliantly in every single decision. He faced a Target practice & Rise of the commons one and he builded an army that could buy Katrelba enough time to snowball. First of all he placed Mycellic Splipspawn in the back to control all Snipping and Sneaking damage. Secondly, he placed Gobling and Agent of chaos to buy more timpe for Katrelba. The result whas that she had taken 4 creatures down at the end of the second round. A bloodbath. enjoy!

Gladius assets update

I have reached my Gladius collection up to 30 cards. So happy with this part of the game and I do believe that the devs will find them even greater role than they got nowadays! #Brawls are a fantastic way to cooperate with your Guildmates and a path to access fantastic assets that increase your CP for your SPS airdrop and allow you to compete in higher ranks. And this is only the beginning!

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