THGaming - Brawl report 20220501


THGaming 01 May2022 Brawl Report

In this post I will present main highlights of our 2 top guilds. I am also bringing great battles of our best brawlers. Hope you enjoy!

THGaming Brawlers

Our top guild is on strike, winning 5 from their last 6 brawls. They are on the top 100 guilds right now (place 83th) and nobody knows where their limit is. I imagine that as long as they keep their ambition and their great cooperation they will succeed in everything they purpose.



The founder of the THGaming community @jim-crypto shares another great performance in a match with Explosive Weaponry and Rise of the commons. He reached the point to the guild with a poker of great decisions:

  • Summoner election: he chose Owster Rotwell to control all possible Magic damage and returning back all damage made from main shot and blast damage.
  • High Evasion Rate of the main tank: I love Nightmare. Great Speed means hitting first and evading much more attacks (which increases in importance in this kind of battles). He avoided a couple of attacks.
  • For second and third position he built a duo of control splashers, asigning Elf defender as OffTank and Disintegrator debuffing all enemy attacks.
  • Finally he built a trio of carries for the win - enjoy the battle!
THGaming 1

We have improved our last performance by one position and we reached the third position very close to seconds. We will keep trying hard to find the path of success again.


My guildmate @achelous took the point home with a great performance in a match with Target Practice (all Magic and Ranged became Snipers) and Rise of the Commons Battle condition. He took the victory thanks to 2 main factors:

  1. He made the double tank&taunt build that I shared in my last post. Target Practice condition is a great chance to summon a Taunt creature like Shield Bearer
  2. He brought an enormous DPS Source in positions 2nd to 5th with Sheriff, Captain Katie, Arbalest and Gargoya, buffed ranged ones by General Sloan. Enjoy the battle!

One of our greatest duelers @synist3r brings a great exhibition with these composition for Kitty summoner in an only melee battle condition thanks to 3 points:

  1. Kraken with double heal and taunt and Carnage Titan (supporting damage to enemy tank) for the front line army.
  2. Classical buffer and debuffer with Disintegrator and Demented Shark
  3. Chose a double combo of Oportunity DPS's with Deeplurker and Isgald Vost. Enjoy the battle

Finally @thecuriousfool brings a tight battle defined by two details in a Little League one:

  1. Riftwing evades and evades so many attacks and adds heal for every casualty, improving enemy's Monk performance.
  2. Damon's got +1 Level that means +1 Speed and shooting first. And this sometimes my friend, is the difference between the glory and the hell. Enjoy!

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