Double Tank / Taunt - great battles

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Chaos Legion has brought a great variety of opportunities to manage the aggro of enemy attacks, especially with two creatures Wave Brood & Mycellic Slipspawn. These creatures placed in the back thanks to their taunt ability, can absorb a great part of the damage buying time for the rest of your army to reach their objectives. If well supported can be a real headache to your enemies. I hope some new players get some tips to increase their win rate. Enjoy!



Water Summoner - Wave Brood Strenghts


Kelya has plenty of resources for every battle condition, and of course, has the chance to double tanking thanks to her Wave Brood! This creature is just amazing. 12 health Tank and Close range for the basic level, Second attack damage at LVL 3, Void Armor at level 4 (this is a huge difference!!), and return fire I the max level. Also, when placed with Kelya, this +1 armor can make a difference in the battle.

Battle Strategy


Wave Brood taunt

I always follow the same strategy in this kind of army. Tank in the front (Diemon if it's allowed because que is a monster, Wave in the back and one support, Spirit Hoarder in this case). Spirit Hoarder is a great creature that has a nice synergy with taunts. Thanks to 12 health waves brood spirit heal up 4 points per turn. In some certain battles, like splash damage, I put Oshannus 5th, absorbing all the splash magic damage sent to WaveBrood.


Earth Summoner - Mycelic Slipspawn Strengths

Obsidian has also his Taunt unit on her side for the Chaos Legion edition. In this case, it's a rare unit vs epic Wave Brood. Slipspawn has an interesting 2 magic damaged buffed by its summoner, forcefield on its 4th level (its unique tank ability, and slow in its last level.

Battle Strategy


Mycelic Taunt

In this example, you see the same battle composition than the other example. With the difference that all magical creatures are affected by Obsidian's buff (Spirit hoarder does 2 magic damage instead of 1 for Kelya).

Finally I leave some personal thoughts about 2 builds. They are great options that can adapt to every situation. Hope you've enjoyed my post.


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