Ecency Contest #2 : My favorite feature/tool

In response to the contest organized by @ecency-star : Ecency Contest: What is your favorite feature/tool

I am not a native Russian speaker, but I studied Russian for two years and had the opportunity to visit the USSR several times and then to Russia.

There are several applications which are interesting, nevertheless, as he told us I will only choose one: My choice therefore focused on the mobile application,


why mobile application tool is my favorite feature?

  • It is easier and less restrictive to use your mobile than your computer,
  • it is also possible to see the sums of the votes even if they are very small
  • All consultation functions are more dynamic (edit message, wallet consultation, etc.)
  • The purchase of points can easily be done via a credit card,
  • In addition, there is a pretty fun point-winning roulette system,

Here is the list of new features for the mobile application

3 columns
2 columns
1 column