An Experimental Shot and Some Reggae (APART)

Good night, fellow Rastafarian friends!

A few months went by since my last entry for the APART initiative by @dmilliz. (Read more about it below.)

The time went passing by and this initiative never picked off... Still, I enjoy doing a post for it, from time to time, so here you have a brand new entry. 🤗

This is an experimental shot I took last December, when the weather wasn't as hot nor as sunny as it is now. 😎

It was raining outside and I was a bit bored inside so I picked up my camera to do a few experiments.

I was testing and messing with some settings and I set the focus to the raindrops on the window instead of focusing on the outside world. The result was quite interesting and it ended up looking like a painting done by a crazy artist. 😅


The view outside is nothing special... but since it's all blurred out it looks a little better.

Now... what song goes well with this shot?

There were a few I could pick from, from Dennis Brown - Raindrops Keep Falling to The Pioneers - Raindrops... but since these songs don't have a videoclip, I decided to go with Rain Drops, from Stxnga. I hope you like it.

Stxnga is the artistic name for Markland Morley Morris, a Reggae singer born in Jamaica who was the front man of the Reggae band Charmskwad, a group which enjoyed a great success in Jamaica from 2006 to 2010. Afterwards the band dismembered and each of the band's elements went in separate ways, since they all believed they were good enough to start solo careers. It looks like success got into their heads, eh? 😄

Stxnga has been performing since 2015 and the project is almost like a reboot to Markland's career. He's still trying to get a contract with a big label, so... for now, he's been recording as an independent artist.

"APART is a simple concept we came up with to use a pic (any pic) and relate it to a Reggae tune. Music is life and our experiences bring out memories & the melodies." - @dmilliz

CameraMicrosoft Lumia 950 XL
PhotoEdited with GIMP

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