Splinterlands Daily Quest & Best Fight Today - April 13th


Date : 2022-04-13

Hi everyone, today I'm going to show my daily quest battles and rewards.
I’m trying to complete daily quest and increase my rank without renting any card!!!

My rank now : Bronze I

Today's quest:


I take 20+ battles to finish today's quest, you can search @curtis90 in game to see more battle log.

5 quest's battle log:

1.Battle Log

  • In this battle, my opponent used the water elemental "Kekya Frendul" as a summon and used a lot of melee attacks, so it was just restrained by my team, while my “Cursed Windeku” in the first position countered all of my opponent's melee attacks, plus my monsters in the second and third positions used magic attacks that ignored my opponent's shields.

@emiliasporer I sent you some #SBT for the great fight! ( See more about SBT in the SBT Community )



2.Battle Log

  • In this battle, because the opponent's first and second position of the monster's life is very low, and did not trigger misses, so I quickly defeated them, and then the third position of the "Regal Peryton" triggered a number of misses but I still defeated him in the end, good luck to get the victory.



3.Battle Log

  • In this battle, my opponent used a similar team to mine, but due to the sequence, my opponent's "Death Elemental” died in the first round, resulting in a lack of follow-up attacks, giving me the victory.



4.Battle Log

  • This battle opponent put "Soul Strangler" in the third position, although the attack power than my monster, but unfortunately because very early dead, so did not play the expected role, also made me win the battle.



5.Battle Log

  • In this battle, the opponent's monster died quickly and ended the battle because of its low life force.



Completed daily quest, open 1 chest.





Today's Best Fight

  • The best fights will be chosen from opponents that I don't consider to be bots and send some SBT for their great fights.

Battle 1

  • My opponent used the same combination as me in this fight, but he put his "Mycelic Morphoid" in second position, which gave my "Goblin Psychic" an extra chance to heal, and allowed me to win the fight.

@vaca77770 I sent you some #SBT for the great fight! ( See more about SBT in the SBT Community )



Battle 2

  • In this battle, my opponent used "Elven Mystic" and used magic attacks to quickly defeat my "Unicorn Mustang", making me lose this battle!

@kuwaitikey I sent you some #SBT for the great fight! ( See more about SBT in the SBT Community )



If you want to learn more about #SBT, please see SBT Community

Hope everyone can give me some suggestions about the team.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!


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