Powering up Everything during the Bear is a Better Decision

Hello friends!

As the bear season lingers, it is important to plan the next season. The crypto cycles always follows a Bear - Bull - Bear - Bull trend. Every Bear season would always be succeeded by a bull and vice versa.

The crypto markets has been bloody over the last few weeks. Not minding how deep the dip goes, the the next bull season is coming whether sooner or later.


On the Hive blockchain, we do not really know the bull and bear as development and creativity rocks here everyday. Communities are BUIDLing, utilities are being created for tokens and more.

With Hive-engine tokens in place, bearish Hive leads to Bullish tokens and vice versa.

The $CENT token has been staying strong over the last few weeks until days ago, where the market also plunged due to deep sell. CENT is presently trading at $0.005, 50% less than the soft peg price of $0.01.

Today, I decided to stake all of my liquid CENT tokens to build my Curation power better. Powering up everything during the bear is a better decision for me.

It can only get better as the bull season would wake to see a huge curation returns.

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