Forgiveness is life



Jesus die for our sins to be forgiven, we sin a lot do all source of crime everyday, things in the world as so much devilish act, but we can solve all this through Christ our Lord, forgiveness is the key to God kingdom we humans hardly forgive one and another some times we put things on our mind to pay back, we creat jealousy among us all this are sin's that we need to stop. Jesus die for our sins so we could be set free but we are taking it for granted. Everything on earth is form of immortality, wickedness and so manner of destruction. My opinion on this, we should learn how to forgive our partners, outside are environment showing people much love creating happiness among us and leave happier.

Life will be great and everything will be marvelous, keeping something on mind maybe some one run you or get you up set, we should try and have this forgiven mind set. letting the pass gone and move on will bring a lot of wonderful thing. We are all God children and everything we do on earth are recorder either good or bad they are all recorder, on the judgement day you will be ask for the good things you have done, and also form the act of given, helping people who are in need, it will go a long way, doing all this part in life will bring so much joy and happiness in your home.

Have a bless day.

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