Cub Ride Photo Set 2 : Bikes and More


Cub Ride Photo Set 2 : Bikes and More

Hello friends and welcome to a new day,

What a day yesterday. It was my blockchain birthday, and I had to go get a new hard drive for my laptop, but now that that is done it seems to be working well. The only thing is they put the 120 GB hard drive in, when my last hard drive was 2 TB, so, struggling with where to put my files now... being a photographer, your files tend to get large.

I think I'll go back next week or the week after I get the hard drive update for the terabyte size, so I can store the photos and do what is I need to do.

Also, as I write this, the storm clouds have rolled in overhead, and the rain started falling yet again. Oh joy!

Anyways, my friends, these are the second set of photos from the bike ride. you can see the first set of them HERE.

Let's get to checking out some pictures!

The Daily Photos

Let's start today with a little of reflection. By reflection, I mean mirrors. The cub motorbikes had some really awesome looking round mirrors and I played with them a bit in photos.


Like in this self-portrait as well.


Here we see a bunch of the motorbikes lined up and ready to go for adventure, where I really like is the multitude of colors on them. It just tells you not to take anything too serious.


They almost have a toy feeling to them... Yet they are also a motorbike.


I really like the contrast of the stark white of the plastic shell and the darker background on this photo.


Overlooking the Son Tra mountains off in the distance, the cub motorbike waits for adventure.


This is on top of one of the main bridges in town, The tallest one, I was told a Chinese manufacturing company was supposed to make, And have it strong enough to support container trucks. However they did not make it that way, and now, the bridge doesn't have that much use. but still it is a great view from on top


My friend Jimmy and his multicolored rain jacket and blue cup bike. It is a fun combination!


In this photo highlighting the super cub 50 logo!


We did get rained on while on this ride. This was the bike that I was on. I was told the owner spent 10 years rebuilding it from parts... So it is an old one, but she runs well. very quiet ride.


I have a few more photos I want to share with you all and might just do that tomorrow. But I don't know I don't want to bore you with these pictures.... so it will be a surprise. lol

Thank you for joining me today and should you have any rants or musings you want to share, drop em` down below in the comments and I will try to respond in a day or so.

Much gratitude for you all and see you back here again tomorrow!




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