50 cc Cub Motorbikes, A staple of Vietnam Travel + The Daily Photos.


50 cc Cub Motorbikes, A staple of Vietnam Travel + The Daily Photos.

Hey you.... Hi ~ What's up?

Good to see you again. It's been too long.

It would be great to meet up with you, and go on a motorbike ride together. There is something inherently joyful about riding a motorbike. Not one of those fancy high-tech motorbikes that go 0 to 60 in a few seconds, sure they are fun in their own way... I'm talking about a 50 CC motorbike. You don't need a license for it, people sometimes peddling the bicycles go faster than you, it has pistons and gears and goes put-put-put around town.

It really is a relaxing experience. When you're on the fast motorbike, you want to go fast. Things come up fast that you, have to make quick decisions, tensions are bit higher. But on a 50 CC bike, it's just a relaxing time. The bike a small, not really going that fast, the seats are little bit more plush and, well, its like the good old days.

So yes, I would love to meet you. We can get a couple of these 50 CC motorbikes, go on a ride around town, take some photos and look, cool. lol

That's just what I did yesterday. My friend Chris runs a shop in town called "Just Bikes". I help to move a few bites from his shop to downtown. Then at about 3 PM a bunch of us met up and went on a ride. I will post pictures over the next few days from this ride as I get to processing them.

The cub motorbike, has been in continuous manufacturing since 1958. It boasts over 60 million units made in 2008, and over a hundred million made up-to-date. That's a lot of motorbikes. This motorbike has even been compared to what the model-T car was in America. A revolution.

In Vietnam, just about everywhere in the country you go, you'll see the Cub motorbike someone. Sometimes all rusty and beaten up on the side of the street abandon, sometimes tricked out street style with leather and disc brakes, but most the time it is the working man's bike. Three or four people sometimes sitting on them, putting along to wherever they may be going. It is ingrained in the society.

Let's get to some of these pictures!

The Daily Photos

I talked a few of my friends and we decided to try to look a bit dapper for the ride, so for the first photo here's a picture of yours truly dressed up. Lol


Here's a first picture of a cub. The swooping lines, soft edges, baskets and more just scream, take it easy... Relax... It's all gonna be okay.


The little highlights of chrome here and there, have that pop of coolness you need.


I'm not too sure with these type of breaks are called, Lord knows I had mine replace the my motorbike numerous times. But they have little pads that squeeze together the slow stuff down.


here it is on a blue framed bike. I love the colors.


Here is me and two of my friends, Eric and Jimmy. We are ready to Ride and we all got mustaches. lolz


This is my friend Scott from the building I live in. He recently moved up to the penthouse suite and is one cool dude to know.


This is Eric again on his custom Cub, he built these red containers on the side so he can deliver kegs of beer around town!


Just look at those nice lines. Little engines, a weird retro - looking exhaust system, and a cute little basket.


Sitting behind the odometer, it's probably been around a few times. But that retro feeling in these bikes is astounding.


Here's a little more of a wider view for you. That screen guard doesn't do too much, but, it's fun.


Last photo today is of display panel, it's really all you need right. Fuel gauge that probably doesn't work, a speedometer that will no way ever hit above 80, and another display for your battery power. Keep it simple.


Thanks for joining me today for this update. I'll post some more photos from the bike ride tomorrow and perhaps the next day as I get to developing them. if you ever feel like going on a motorbike ride, Hit Me Up~ so relaxing and fun. lol.

And as always should you feel inspired, Please leave a message down below in the old comments. I'll try to respond in a day or so.

Cheers and Keep Being you~




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